A late entry: backtrack to your 10 month birthday in Feb

Hey Lucas! It is now February!  You are 10 months old today…I can’t believe that!  You have been making so much progress and it seems every week you gain a new skill.  You are so strong!  You love walking (with us holding your hands, as you are still wobbly), and you really enjoy climbing the […]

11 Months Old….where did my baby go?

Hey Lucas! Happy 11 Month Birthday!  I can not believe how fast this year is going!  Wow, you have one month remaining a “baby” by all definitions, but you are already acting and starting to look like a little boy. First I’ll revisit this past month.  You turned 10 months on Monday the 12th of […]

Happy 2018 Little Man!

Hey Lucas! We are celebrating New Year’s Eve! And I never finished that. Here we go again! I wrote on your 8th month Birthday last month, so I’ll try to be ahead of the curve here. It is January 3rd. We have experienced SO much and I want to try and recapture those memories before […]

8 Months Old – A Time Blitz

Hey Lucas! It is November 9th and this week has been a little hard. I think we will be saying goodbye to your Dad’s longtime, super sweet kitty, Ivy. Ivy is 20 years old and very frail. She has had a hard time breathing lately. There is a mass in between her lungs and that […]

6 Months and so much is flying by!

October 15th, 2017 Happy 6 Months Lucas! You turned 6 months old a few days ago, but I’m only just getting the moment to write now.  Your dad has been sick, and then you got sick.  This morning, both you and your dad went to see a doctor, and uh oh, you have an ear […]

20 weeks tomorrow and time is flying!

Hey Lucas! It is a nice Tuesday morning and we just got back from a quiet walk outside.  You fell asleep and continue to nap in your carrier.  I am watching you on the monitor.  You stir a little, probably from your skin itching, but you continue to sleep.  Nice!  I’d like to sleep now […]