Illinois Passed the ERA!

The day that I finished my letter to our Rep, the vote happened.  So I turned it into a thank you! Dear Representative: This morning I’m thanking you for your YES vote to SJRCA4, the ERA. I was watching the debate online along with my neighbor, LGW, who you know from her involvement with the […]

13th months old & 2nd Mother’s Day

Hey Lucas! Today is Mother’s Day, which is a day after your 13th month birthday.  I can’t believe how fast time is moving.  It really puts me into a head spin trying to capture memories before they fade as there are so many and time is a cruel metronome.  For instance, today you said “Hi” […]

Your 1st birthday…this took me forever to write.

Hey Lucas! You turned one yesterday.  I was holding you at 2:26 a.m., which is when you were born, and even though I slept through that time I was so happy to have you in my arms as we crossed the one year milestone.  You woke up all smiley and ready to play.  We had […]