11 Months Old….where did my baby go?

Hey Lucas! Happy 11 Month Birthday! I can not believe how fast this year is going! Wow, you have one month remaining a “baby” by all definitions, but you are already acting and starting to look like a little boy. First I’ll revisit this past month. You turned 10 months on Monday the 12th of […]

Happy 2018 Little Man!

Hey Lucas! We are celebrating New Year’s Eve! And I never finished that. Here we go again! I wrote on your 8th month Birthday last month, so I’ll try to be ahead of the curve here. It is January 3rd. We have experienced SO much and I want to try and recapture those memories before […]

8 Months Old – A Time Blitz

Hey Lucas! It is November 9th and this week has been a little hard. I think we will be saying goodbye to your Dad’s longtime, super sweet kitty, Ivy. Ivy is 20 years old and very frail. She has had a hard time breathing lately. There is a mass in between her lungs and that […]