8 Months Old – A Time Blitz

Hey Lucas! It is November 9th and this week has been a little hard. I think we will be saying goodbye to your Dad’s longtime, super sweet kitty, Ivy. Ivy is 20 years old and very frail. She has had a hard time breathing lately. There is a mass in between her lungs and that […]

6 Months and so much is flying by!

October 15th, 2017 Happy 6 Months Lucas! You turned 6 months old a few days ago, but I’m only just getting the moment to write now.  Your dad has been sick, and then you got sick.  This morning, both you and your dad went to see a doctor, and uh oh, you have an ear […]

20 weeks tomorrow and time is flying!

Hey Lucas! It is a nice Tuesday morning and we just got back from a quiet walk outside.  You fell asleep and continue to nap in your carrier.  I am watching you on the monitor.  You stir a little, probably from your skin itching, but you continue to sleep.  Nice!  I’d like to sleep now […]

A letter for your dad on your 5 week old birthday

A letter for your dad (and today you turned 5 weeks old). Dear Husband, Thank you for making Mother’s Day such a nice day surrounded by family.  Your gift of a nice toaster was perfect.  You worked super hard at making food for fourteen people and it was delicious.  The house was clean and tidy […]

The day my life changed forever!

Welcome to the world Lucas! It is now Wednesday morning (like 1 am), and I have not been able to write at all until now.  The past 4 weeks have been a massive whirlwind and I can barely shower, sleep, and go to the bathroom.  Writing is a luxury.  I will do my best to […]