Is a migraine okay?

I’ll start to use the more medically sound terminology here.  It has been 37 days since my LMP.  That makes me 5 weeks pregnant.  Since yesterday at 11:45 a.m. I have had a migraine.  It has been so, so bad.  I haven’t had a bad headache like this in a long time.  This is debilitating.  It moves around and I’m amazed that I can even type right now.  I barely got through work yesterday, and now today I’ve been laying around to little relief.  So, what gives?  I’m not feeling pregnant.  No nausea, no tenderness, no cravings….I guess it is just too early.  I really hope nothing is wrong.  I also wish that I had an appointment prior to the 8 week one.  I feel like I may need progestorone early on as my BBT is just so low.  I so so so soooooooo want this to all be okay.

Last night I got little sleep.  I was up at 2:30.  I moved downstairs as the husband was super-snoring.  I couldn’t really sleep there either as I was chilly.  The weather has been brutally cold.  I’ve tried to clean up the kitchen a little.  There are just a few pans left to wash.  I’m becoming very aware of how much the housework will change when/if there is an additional person to clean up, feed, and keep organized.  I know I’ll regret this, but I welcome the possibility even though it will be a lot of work and limit my routine as I have it now.  I’m also starting to wonder how I’ll do the on court (where I make my money) if I’m so wiped out and getting headaches.  I am a full-time tennis coach.  I supplement my time on the court with administrative duties too.  I am sure I can keep up with the admin, but those on court hours are where the better pay is.  Since I’m supposed to be pretty preggers in the middle of the summer, I fear I’ll loose that income.  Then there is the start of the indoor season, which makes me worry that I’ll not get assigned the groups as it will be during my leave – which hopefully I’ll get…I guess I’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

So to come back to me wrapping my brain around this…I’m still working on it.  I guess if I felt different physically, that would be one thing.  I am very happy and very worried to allow myself to be happy.  I’m also looking to my husband for his input, but I’m not finding much there.  I think he is staying on the side of cautious so that he can be strong should things not work out.  He says that he doesn’t want me to get too excited.

But I am!

I’ve already started to brainstorm the cute ways we can break the news to our families.  I want to do some fun and memorable things.  It will be mid to late March before we can do that though.  Just to be on the safer side of the odds.  Man, that feels pretty far off right now.  I am also overwhelmed with the possibility that we will still try to move homes.  I don’t want to do that right now.  I just want to hunker down….so maybe that is my nesting instinct.  It is also me worrying about how we will have money for a new house and a new baby if things change with regards to my income.

Well, worrying plus a headache can’t be any good.  I’ll try to take another nap and then maybe wash those pans.





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