A really rough night

I didn’t sleep much at all.  I was in pain with the worst indigestion I can recall of my life.  I do believe I ate way too much chicken, didn’t chew it enough, and then went and laid flat in a salt cave, which was counterproductive to getting chicken down.  So, I was bloated, belching and just super uncomfortable from 6 p.m. – 12:30 a.m.  Crazy!  I couldn’t get comfortable and I seriously considered, several times, going to the ER.  I believed that I had eaten a chicken bone and it was poking out of my stomach.  The pain was stabbing, and it moved around, so I knew it was food and gas.

Luckily my husband was sleeping on the couch since I told him that I was probably going to stir a lot.  Stir I did.  I was up about 6 times starting at 9.  I threw up three times, the last time being the worst.  I also had several times where I wanted to throw up and couldn’t.  When I did the last one, I knew it was done.  Things settled down rather quickly and I was able to sleep.  Strange.

Now I need to pull myself together and get to work.  I was reading that I really should not do a big dinner.  I need to become a grazer.  This is something that I’ve never done.  I figured since I need to take Metformin, I need something substantial in my stomach.  Well, I’m going to have to work on that.

I’m still going to talk to the dr office this morning.  But right now, I’m not the only puky one around….the cat just threw up.  So time to clean that up.




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