Superpowered sniffer

It seems that my nose is picking up certain scents a little better.  Not all scents, but certainly some food smells and the smell of gasoline.  It is day 38, but I guess the pregnancy app that I have and the M.calendar are somehow a little off.  Anyway, I had a blood draw for thyroid levels today.  I haven’t really had too many symptoms.  We have continued to just try and stay grounded with the whole thing as it is early.  Right now my stomach is cramping.  I ate too much chicken.  I’ve been drinking more water and trying to rest.  I had a headache for more than 36 hours.  That was no fun.  Now I’m just trying to get my tummy to relax, but it is working hard on the poultry overdose.  Right now, we are watching an old A Team episode.  I just got home from the salt cave.  I didn’t sleep there,  but it was still really nice.  They room was at 80 degrees.  I had just placed my hands on my tummy and tried to send lots of happy and loving thoughts there.  Earlier in the afternoon, around 2:00, I went into Saints Peter & Paul church.  I said a couple of prayers.  That is one gorgeous church.  It is funny the little thoughts that I sense when I am quiet.  I think I hear myself saying things like, “just because you can into a church doesn’t guarantee anything.”  I am not sure why that one came in, maybe I was trying to balance some karmic scale, but I needed to hear that I guess.  Anyway, it was nice to do a little prayer and look at the amazing stained glass windows.  Then I went to get my bloodwork done.  It was not too bad at all.  I hope that the levels are good.  Anyway, I’m so nutty with regards to how impatient I’m being.  I can’t believe how slowly this week is going since I really just want to get to that 8 week dr appt so that I can feel a little bit of professional reassurance.

There was a lady at my drill yesterday who said that she thought I was pregnant since I was drinking so much water, running to the bathroom, and had a headache.  I laughed that off.  I do want to share with people, but when the time is right.  It isn’t even close yet.

Well, enough for today.  I’m going to take a Tums to try and settle this stomach ache.  I hope that I can get some solid sleep.  I need it.




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