Valentine’s Day 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day…a day to celebrate love.  I know that when I was single for all of those Valentine’s Days of my pre-married/engaged life I would dread it a bit.  Those engagement ring commercials, the men shopping for flowers at the grocery store, the Rom-Coms on cable channels….it was all salt on an open wound.  So for people who go through V-Day with that kind of sting, I feel ya.

Things are kind of back to normal for us.  Tomorrow I’ll get a blood test.  If that is a zero level, then I can go back to the RE.  I think I had my temp shift yesterday.  Maybe I ovulated.  Who knows?  I sometimes think that I can feel ovulation.  I’m sure that I’m just stretching, but maybe not.  Anyway, we hope that we will get some direction very soon.

I’m working a lot more these next few weeks.  It is all good.  I’m just throwing myself back into life.  I’ve been getting really bad headaches and I’m sure that it is all hormonal.  There is just no helping them when they hit.  It is a bad throbbing over one of my temples.  I ride it out and take some tylenol.

Friday night the hubby took me out for an amazing dinner.  We went to Catch 35, which is an awesome seafood place.  We had seared scallops and tuna for an app.  Then I had lobster and he had Mahi-Mahi.  I also had the petit fillet – I know, bad Catholic.  We indulged in creme brule and flourless chocolate cake.  There were a variety of cocktails too.  After dinner we walked to Le Chocolat, where we had our 1st date, and picked out some truffles.  It was a great night.

Yesterday, we went to my parents’ and met up with my one and only cousin.  My youngest sister celebrated her 35th birthday, so she and her fiancé, my middle sis and her family (husband and 3 kids), and a family friend were all there.  It was a really meaningful gathering.  We spent time helping to get the party ready.  It was all good and I’m happy that we were there.  However, midway through dinner my headache started up.  I felt pretty awful.  We left and I went right to bed when I got home.  I was cold and shivering, so I crawled under my electric blanket and tried to sleep.  It was not the best sleep.

Sunday, Valentine’s Day, I was super sleepy and still had the headache on and off throughout the day.  We were both very lazy and just had a PJ-All-Day mode going.  It was a snowy day and we watched as the ducks marched up from the river to look for our food donations.  I had dumped two huge scoops of dry corn out back for the flock.  It was funny watching them shake the snow off their bills.  I took a nap and we just relaxed like pros.  The husband was very sweet as I truly did nothing.  He even did his own laundry.

Today I was much more energized.  I had a long stretch on the courts and worked the teams really hard.  The time flew by.  At the end of the day I went and had my blood drawn (ouch) and then came home to make us a little dinner.  We were affectionate and hugged a lot.  He has been so great to be around.  I love that we are being very appreciative of one another.  Everything is fine and I just want to keep basking in our life together one day at a time.

So, we will hear about the blood levels and hopefully move back into the IVF world soon.



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