Keeping perspective

Today I taught a lesson to an older gentleman who was great!  The thing is, he hasn’t played in a while and he had an amazing reason: he had two different liver transplants.  His health was so bad that he was hospitalized for six months.  At one point he was unable to walk and talk and had to learn that all over again.  Now he is more beat up, but he can play some tennis.  I could tell right away he was a very good player.  He had smooth strokes and very good timing.  He just lacked the agility and court coverage.  But he was still very good.  We worked on some basic things and then rallied.  While we were hitting I just kept smiling.  It dawned on me the amazing way life puts you where you need to be and gives you just so much to handle in order to grow.  Here was a nice guy who simply loves tennis and was so happy to be out hitting because, for him, it was an accomplishment to be back on the court when there was a time when he wondered if he would live.  It is really refreshing to witness people loving a moment like just hitting the ball.  I was so happy that I was in a place where I could be a part of that.

Then I thought about how things in my life have had a way of working out.  Most of the time I can keep things in perspective.  This hasn’t always been the case.  Man I could be dramatic when I was younger.  Everything was Earth-shattering serious.  I was a perfectionist and didn’t cope well with setbacks and frustrations.  Now I’m so much more capable of taking a breath and rolling with whatever comes along.  I think that has a lot to do with age.  Anyway, I really did enjoy the time on the court with that client.  Later I was able to also enjoy a little 10U class where I broke out some fun games that I believe all kids should have the chance to play, even if they are super high level juniors.  We all had fun and I’ll be back with them next week.

I had another nice moment when I attended a restorative yoga class at a little studio downtown.  The winds were picking up and the twinkle lights in the trees were bouncing around.  It was very refreshing to be in a warm room that was quiet and cozy.  I was just very appreciative of the moment.  So as things continue to come together, I am trying to stay grateful and positive.  Right now I’m taking a little break in my evening to come home and tend to my sick husband.  I have to go back to work in a bit, so it is just a little moment of checking in.  We are doing okay and just listening to the major gusts of wind that is blasting through the area right now.  Even though branches are cracking off trees, the wind is pretty cool!  I hope that we see our outside stray cat soon.  The winter weather has been so bad lately and I worry that he didn’t make it.  He is a skittish little cat, so we couldn’t try to get him to a shelter.  We have just tried to keep food coming his way when it got rough out there.

I hope that the rest of this weekend goes well.  It is a medium busy weekend, so hopefully I’ll get a little more caught up with house chores and taxes.  I was really glad to see the sunshine today.  I’ll take more of that please!



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