Welcome back Auntie…

So yesterday I got my 1st post-miscarriage Aunt Flo.  I could tell something was up as I was having cramps and crazy bloating.  I haven’t been so bloated ever.  Anyway, when things actually started it was a lot!  I’ve been bleeding pretty heavy for 24 hours now.  The cramps come and go, but there are some doozies.  I’ve just been wiped out.

So I called the fertility doc with my “day 1” and now I have two appointments set up.  Tomorrow I’m going in for another AMH, additional blood draws, and a trans-vag U/S.  Tuesday I’m going in for the saline U/S.  Once we have those results I think we will meet with the doctor again and go over the plan moving forward.  I really hope we can go forward.

Once again I’m really worried about my whole system as my BBTs are really low again.  I never got to higher than 97 for these post-m/c days.  Today I was 95.3.   Here is what I think is going on.  1. My BBT suggests that my hypothyroidism is not managed, despite the TSH levels being ok.  2. My anemia is a result of low stomach acid and the side effect of Metformin.  The anemia continues to keep me lethargic and is worsened by this heavy period.  3. The PCOS is certainly in play.  I have that dark facial hair stuff coming in and because my BBT didn’t show a shift, I doubt I ovulated.  Let me add the other issues: thinning hair, gross dry/cracked heals, peeling fingernails, flaking skin, body aches, cold extremities, and horrible brain fog.  The other day I was struggling to get words out of my mouth, it was the strangest thing.  I’m unable to sleep when it is time to sleep, and I can pass out with a nap in the middle of the day (although I’m not allowing myself these naps in the hopes that I’ll sleep at night).  I really wish that there was a doc who could look at all of this holistically and really have a plan to get me doing better.  Forget the extra body weight, which I think would be improved if my body’s systems were not so skewed.  So I’m dealing with that, an intense period, and being sick (that upper respiratory thing with a sore throat and headache…and a body temp of 95.3).

The husband has been sick, but was gone at a conference for the past work week. I used the time to clean and even open up the house to get some fresh air in.  I was crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t get what he had – guess not.

This weekend will be busy still.  I just really want to rest.  I am going to drag myself to work.  I hope I can leave early.  I’m really, really so exhausted.  Anyway….onward.



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