Working through the “natural cycle”

Today I had my blood draw and ultrasound at the fertility doc.  The blood includes the genetic screening as well.  The ultrasound was pretty messy.  I already had really bad cramps.  Yesterday was really painful and messy.  I was at work for half the day.  It was getting hard to stay at work as we had no bathrooms due to renovations and my body was a  wreck.  So I left and got some fish at the store and got home to pass out.

When the husband got home, he shared all about his day at work with me.  He was excited about some of the things that had played out from his conference.  His networking.

Well now I’m several days past the point of when I started typing this…but I’ll catch up.

Let me back up a bit.

I got my 1st post-M/C period on Thursday and I knew it was coming.  I had some pretty intense cramps and then when I was on the court I got this wet sensation and ran to the bathroom and sure enough it was there.  Unlike my normal cycles, this had no spotting…  just cramps and then bam: flood.  Luckily I had left a stash of pads at work.  I went through a bunch and couldn’t believe how much bleeding there was.  It wasn’t anything like the miscarriage, but it was close.  I made sure to keep a towel under me when I was sitting on the couch and sleeping in bed.  I did have issues with leaking, so that was a good plan.

Friday was just as heavy.  I tried to take it easy, but I had to work at least some of the day.  When I got home I went to sit on the towel again and just drank a lot of water.  While I still had some crazy cramps, it seemed to get better as the evening came on.  I had attempted to get us some fish, but it smelled terrible so we threw it out for the raccoons.  We ordered some food and just relaxed.

Saturday was my appointment.  I did hear the technician say that my uterine lining was thick.  That may be an indication of hormone issues tied to my PCOS and Hypothyroidism. If my progesterone is not where it should be, I may not be shedding enough of that lining and therefore if can build up.  So tomorrow, Tuesday, I’m going in for another U/S and hopefully the doctor will give me some more direction.  I really hope that it is okay news.  The bad news would be that the uterine wall is too messed up and threatening abnormal so that I would have to have a hysterectomy.  That would be the end of this journey.  I’m a little nervous about that given my age and all of the factors that play into that.

I just hope that all of this testing leads me to something decisive regarding my overall health.  I do have a lot of concerns.  I have dreams too and I’m starting to worry about if they can come true.

So yesterday I started to feel ill.  Today I’m home from work.  I think I finally caught my husband’s bug.  It is the sore throat, headache, body aches, fever, bad congestion thing.  I’m drinking water and tea and just sleeping.  I have the test tomorrow and then another one on Friday.  I better keep pounding the water so that the blood draw goes ok.

This Friday the husband and I are heading to a really nice Bed & Breakfast on a river.  We are celebrating our 1st date anniversary.  I hope that we can both be healthy and feeling good to enjoy all that our romantic weekend has to offer.  We both need to get our health in gear, not just in kicking a cold.  We need to get more active and cut out some of the bad food choices we are allowing ourselves. Well, I’m heading back to bed.  I will try to not obsess on the the worst-possible outcome of these upcoming tests.  Rather, I’ll try to trust that everything is happening for a reason.



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