An Easter egg = nice; our egg = awesome!

Tomorrow is Easter, and also the date that we had decided that we could have shared the news of our last pregnancy with family as I would have been at 13 weeks by now.  I had even circled the date in my day planner, in pen.  So as I’ve been leading up to Easter, I was a bit melancholy because I knew we weren’t going to have the cute “reveal” fun that I had planned on.

Or maybe not…..

This morning, 3/26, I went to the fertility clinic for blood tests.  I had my HCG and Progesterone checked.  The nurse gave me a prescription for birth control pills so that we would be off and running once I get my full flow, which it has felt like I could get any minute.  I was told that there would be a message in my patient portal so that I could follow up and go from there.  However, at 2:22 in the afternoon, my phone rang.  It was the clinic and the nurse was so nice!  She said, “Well we have your results from your blood test and congratulations, you’re pregnant!”  I shrieked, “No way, wow, that’s amazing!” (I then I cried a little, out of shock and relief and happiness).  My husband, who was working upstairs heard my squeak.  “Your progesterone is at 22 and that is good.  We will bring you in Monday and do thyroid, blood type, and CBC then too.”  “This is amazing, I didn’t think I was pregnant,” I said.  “I’ve been sick and just feeling so bad.  I’ve been having some bad stomach issues – not the up way,” I added.  The nurse said, “That can all be normal, just keep drinking water to stay hydrated.”  I don’t remember much more than that because my head was spinning.  I had peed on a stick just this past Monday (day 26) and it was negative.  So I really did think that it would just be a matter of wait and see for Auntie Flo.  And in this past week I’ve not eaten the best, I’ve had a little wine, and one Moscow mule…oops.  I did that after the home test had said “not pregnant.”

But, not so fast….we are pregnant!!!  Wow!  When I hung up I went upstairs to the husband and just looked at him with a silly smile on my face.  “What?” he asked.  I just smiled and tried to keep the waterworks at bay.  “Are you pregnant?”  “Yes!  Crazy, huh?”  And we hugged and he told me, “I really hope it works this time.”

I really was hoping that we could achieve this!  Now we are both happy, but afraid.  We are just worried because of the previous miscarriage.  I am more hopeful than my husband as I think it will all be okay, just as the statistics about successful pregnancies after miscarriage seem to support.  I’m also more hopeful because I have been so closely watched by the fertility specialists.  Now, whatever happens, good or bad, we will know very early on in this pregnancy.  We should have the husband’s genetic testing back by the time we meet with the doctor on April 5th.  I hope that will be all okay.  The disease I’m a carrier for is really rare, so I’m hopeful that it is rare for him to be a carrier too.  I need to really get on doing the vitamins and meds religiously.  My pregnancy app says I’m 4 and 1/2 weeks pregnant.  So I just really hope and pray that we make it to November. And, that….

we will be parents in 2016!!

This is crazy!!!  Crazy amazing and just such a miracle – right at Easter too.

So now we will keep moving ahead into a future that holds promise for a family!  I’ll get some more ideas of where we are at come Monday, but right now we are good.  Really, really good!

So Happy Easter and may this spring continue to blossom positive energy!


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