1st Ultrasound…just normal

So everything was ok.  I haven’t seen the HCG tests yet, but the pregnancy is implanted well and everything is measuring as it should.  AMEN!  I’ll feel better when I see the HCG too.  We meet with the doctor next Tuesday and we will go over the genetic results then.  I’m still a little nervous there.  But, so far so good and I’m so happy – finally, happy…I’m trying to let my worries go.  If it isn’t going to work out worrying about it won’t help at all. I just really want to hang on to the hope that this is just as it is meant to be.

I got handed a copy of the pictures from the ultrasound.  There is just the gestational sac right now.  Hopefully next Friday we will see more.  I will keep drinking water and popping all of my supplements.  I really don’t feel much of anything.  Maybe I am more tired than normal, but I’m normally tired with the low thyroid.  My boobs still hurt a little.  That is really it.  Right now it is all just doing what I need to do to keep my stuff together at work and trying to continue working on the house so that we can get it on the market.

The house piece is certainly extra stress.  I just wish that we could snap our fingers and be all set up comfortably in a new place.  That won’t happen though.  It is going to take work. I have a painter doing a room upstairs right now.  Hopefully it will come together nicely and help us get a great sale.

Okay, short entry again.  Hopefully we will have a good weekend.


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