We should know more tomorrow…

Today I found myself feeling hopeful…up until I go to the bathroom and still see brownish discharge.  This is what happened for several days before I miscarried last time.  I don’t feel much of anything and I do believe that I’ll get bad news tomorrow.

But still, I hope….maybe there will be something there and that would be a miracle.

We are heading away tomorrow afternoon for the state park where he proposed.  The weather is supposed to be nice and we are going to hike and just enjoy some time in nature.  We are coming back Friday because we need our weekend to work on getting the house ready for sale.  I’m working Saturday and Sunday as well.  I just hope that I’m feeling okay for all of it.  Today I still just feel sad.

Anyway we have a lot to do and I do hope to sleep better than last night.  I didn’t really sleep well at all…bad cramps and way too much worrying and spinning thoughts.



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