Diving back in…

It has been a while since I wrote here. There is a lot in play…

Today is 1 month and 2 days since I started my miscarriage.  Now I am starting my cycle.  It is okay, and I don’t feel terrible or anything.  I just called in to the clinic and will see what I need to do.

I met with the doctor a little over a week ago and we decided to do IVF.  So, hopefully the costs will be manageable and the results positive.  I have prayed and felt more at peace with everything.  What is meant to be will be.

We sold my husband’s house Monday, the same day we made an offer on a place we probably shouldn’t be able to afford.  Since we are still not sure of all the fees we will have to cover, we are playing it safe, so the next day we withdrew our offer on the dream home.  Now we have dropped our purchase budget by 75K and are starting over.  Luckily we can stay with his parents, who live in town, and take our time to make a home purchase that is done with a sound mind.

Work picked up.  I had taken it easy in March and April as I was going in for appointment after appointment.  Now we are wrapping up the indoor season and launching the summer.  It is a bit nutty, but once it all gets up and running it will be ok.  However, I have not been good about taking medicine.  I really, really let myself go with regards to taking Synthroid and Metformin.  I must get back on track.  I can’t tell if my crazy bad skin (lots of little pimples that I haven’t had before) is because I just skipped too many does of medicine, or if it was because I started to let myself drink Diet Coke like water again.  I am done with that whole Diet Coke thing…it is so bad for me.

I also need to get back to eating healthy.  I just read an article that being gluten free is useless unless you are Celiac.  I will have to ask if there is a need for me to stay gluten free.  Maybe not…I guess there is a danger in eating to many rice-based things as they may expose you to arsenic.  I never knew that.  It would sure be cheaper for me to eat normally again.  I think I just need to be more balanced with everything in general.

So, that is the update.  I really hope that the upcoming shots, blood draws, and looming IV all go well.  I hope that my husband continues to be steady and strong.  I just can’t wrap my brain around all the the change we have on our horizon.




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