CD1: We start the shots

Well, we just did the three shots: 2 doses of Follistim and 1 dose of low-dose HCG.

I was dreading this, but the actual stick wasn’t bad…the needle is tiny and I have a rather large canvas to work with…belly fat that is.

Anyway, we did this all together.  We reviewed the step-by-step instructions that were provided on the clinic’s website.  We were super organized and the husband drew up medicine and pushed it in through while I held the needle still.  We are doing this together.  He was perfect – just perfect.

Anyway, yesterday I saw the friend of mine who did IVF, embryo screening, and a successful pregnancy at the same clinic.  We talked as she held the baby that she worked so hard for.  Like us, they opted to do the genetic screening on the embryo.  She had three viable male embryos.  The first one implanted, but then miscarried.  The second one did not implant.  The third, and final one, …well she was holding her happy and healthy 1 year old.  It gives me hope…she had AMH levels that were hopelessly low.  So, seeing a success story right before my eyes gives me hope.

So onto today…it was a busy one.

I was aware that we were going to start the shots and actually prayed a little at one point.  I think I was humming the Catholic “Our Father” prayer.  We have been dealing with a lot of house stuff, so that was in my face throughout the day too.  Hopefully, fingers crossed, we will still pull of the sale of the current place and purchase of the new one.  It is all a little rocky and I am putting a lot of time and attention there.  I worked a lot of admin, and taught one little kid lesson outside in an afternoon of warmth and sunshine that we were not supposed to have…the start of the morning said we were due for thunderstorms with damaging winds and hail.  Nope.

Then I came home and tried to soothe my husband’s frayed nerves…poor guy.  Here were are at the threshold of so much imminent change and so much is up in the air.  It is nuts!  He has been a ball of nerves.  Me too.  His sister came by to pick me up and we went for a little pedicure at the nail place right downtown.  It was relaxing.  I picked a fun color, like a shimmery mermaid blue-grenn.  It was my “Cycle Day 1” pedi!

Then the sis-in-law suggested dinner at a new restaurant nearby.  We checked it out and had some spicy chicken.  It may have been too spicy for me.  I did enjoy my last alcoholic drink for a while.  A red wine sangria.  It was nice sitting street side on a summer night watching all of the activity all around.  I thought that just three blocks from where I am sitting, maybe in just 14 or 15 days, hopefully, there will be little fertilized eggs happening.

So we got home and she said “relax” to both of us.  We set up the medicine station on our unused pub tabletop.  Then working together, and re-reading to him, we prepped and pinched and punctured and pushed and prayed that these shots will help us become the parents that we dream to be.  I have been moody and worried and kind of a stressed out mess lately…but in that quick needle session, it all went away and I just felt love for this man who was there with me all the way.  This makes me teary-eyed to even type that.

I put my finger on the injection site after each one.  It stings a little.  I feel squishy, and I am sure that is in my head.  We aren’t talking like litres of fluids going in my belly fat.  I’ve always bruised easily…probably since I’ve always been anemic.  Hopefully that won’t be something too bad here.  Tomorrow right side…then we will see where to go for the Friday night shots.  We go back for bloodwork and an ultrasound on Sunday.  Doses will change and I will probably get the 3rd medicine added (4th shot).  But we can do this – so many people I know have done it.  I can do it with his help!

Anyway, soon to bed.  Hopefully I will sleep.  I have been so restless.  Maybe getting past the unknown of the shots will help with that now.


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