CD5 Update…par for the course

So I just returned from my morning bloodwork and ultrasound.  I need to wait for an update via the online patient portal, but so far so good .  We have done shots for four nights now.  They are getting a little easier to tolerate and my husband continues to help me with all the steps.  It is still us in it together and that is the best thing.

Which brings me to my mention of women who are doing this journey on their own. I think that you are incredibly brave and extraordinary tough.  I have read some articles about women who are doing the IVF cycle by themselves and it is so commendable.  I am lucky to have the help and support, so I can imagine what it would be like to do this all solo.  My hopes are with you if you are in that boat.

IVF in general is just hard.  I guess it is the delicate balance of holding onto hope and happiness in the face of the odds and the ever-present worries.

Anyway, we are just in the wait and see mode.  Hopefully we will get an update later and things will just keep on keeping on.

So I am at 600 iu of follistim and 10 iu of low dose hog….if that stays for tonight.  I am a little bloated, a little bruised, and have some occasional headaches.  I have had some bleeding, like a period for four days now.  It is probably because I was on the pill for 7 days.  Anyway, I trust that I am doing fine.  We are staying positive.



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