CD7 – adjusting the dose

So the follicles were measuring 10-12 today.  Estradiol is at 1553.  The ultrasound crapped out right after she measured the left side.  The tech said that happened once with a patient who had over 40 follicles…wow!  Anyway, my left side seems to be the more active side.  So we will see….

Tonight we adjust down to 75 iu of Follistim.  Then we do 40 iu of low dose HCG.  I continue the stingy-ish shots of Ganirellex.  I hope I spelled that right.  So only 3 shots – woo hoo!

If I progress normally, I should grow about 2mm a day.  That means I may be able to trigger on Fri?  I didn’t think we have the retrieval option for the weekend though, so I am not sure.  I guess maybe Monday for a retrieval?  Wow!  This is hopeful.

On the flip side, the house situation seems to be falling apart.  The buyer for our place had her appraisal of it come back low.  We knew that might happen, so now we are just waiting to see what their lawyer sends ours.  It is all wait and see.  I can’t begin to imagine starting our search again, as I doubt that the house we have a contingency on will dilly dally with us.  So that stinks.  But, real estate just kind of stinks in general.  So many hoops to jump through, so many costs, so many outside forces that have control over the situation.  What a mess.  So I really hope that the stress of this is not going to negatively impact us.  We need to be in a loving and nurturing mode.  I don’t sense that right now.

Okay, so I will be heading off to work in a bit.  Should be a fun night – even maybe a little chilly.  Fingers crossed that everything is going as it should and that this is all for the best of a life we would welcome so much!


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