Anemia and low potassium

So the next step hoop we have to jump through regards my ongoing anemia.  The most recent CBC came back with my hemoglobin even lower – somewhere in the 9’s I think.  Normal is 12 and up.  Anyway, there were some other issues with my bloodwork, low potassium too.

So I took potassium tablets – which are huge pills and a bit hard to swallow.

Then I had to see my PCP in order review the blood work.  She wants me to get an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy (which these tests have been asked of me before and I ignored that as I was rushing through pregnancy #1 then).  The docs really need to find the cause of the anemia, and some sort of internal thing makes the most sense.  So I had to pinky swear that just as soon as I can, I will follow up with these important tests.  I am a little worried about the anemia as my Aunt was in her late 30’s when she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.  That cancer killed her at age 46.  So, I have been referred to a Hematologist…a.k.a. Oncologist.  I see him Thursday a.m.  Hopefully he will just prescribe me the IV iron infusions.  That should help get my levels back to normal for now.

However, he may not clear me for the FET in a short while and then who knows?

I am anxious to move forward with everything, but I can’t let my rushing ahead be stupid either.  If the anemia is tied to something more serious the last thing I should throw in the mix is a pregnancy.  I still don’t feel like myself yet.

Last Thursday I got my period.  It has been very cramp and very heavy.  No wonder I am anemic.  I was bleeding so bad that I had to have my husband bring me more pads while I was on the court for four hours.  I had gone through the three pads that I had.  I feared that I was going to drip down my legs in front of my class.  A raging period in the heat of the summer with only a disgusting and way-too-full port-a-potty is tough to say the least.

Anyway, the flow has seemed to slow as of today, so that is good.  However I am certainly still bloated and I still feel my ovaries.  It is like a sore back that isn’t muscular.  It is just a specific spot and I know it is the ovary, and then the other one.  The pain moves around.  I also still have a hot spot of pain on the front of my abdomen.  It is like two inches to the left of my belly button.  I can’t see anything there, but it sure hurts when I touch it.  I didn’t mention that at the PCP appointment.

I am supposed to go in this week for a saline ultrasound of my uterus.  I did this a while ago after the 1st miscarriage.  It wasn’t too bad.  I also have to do bloodwork and possibly start progesterone, although that needs to wait for the Hematologist’s approval.

We are moving out of our home on Tuesday.  We are closing on our new home Wednesday. Things are certainly stressful right now.  I really hope that we can get the house set up and feeling like home soon.  I also hope that I get to feeling a bit better soon too.



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