HSN #2 & all is well

These past few days have been stressful to say the least.  We moved (Amen & finally), and are still on a major unpacking/organizing/cleaning binge.  It is coming along and as it does I love my new house more and more.  We’ve been blessed with the PERFECT moving weather.  No storms, cool temps, and no wind.  I can’t believe how much it all seems to be just so right – even though it came with a lot of worry and struggle too.

So in the midst of all the moving craziness there has been the medical stuff too.

I met with the Hematologist and he was GREAT!  He was positive and upbeat and certain that if he “tanks me up” on an iron infusion I will be good to go for an upcoming pregnancy. I will be doing some bloodtests to see if I have a bleeding condition.  He thinks that may be possible and very treatable.

So next Wednesday I will head to the infusion center and see how it feels to NOT be anemic.  I hate IVs – a lot – but I am kind of looking forward to having normal blood levels.

Today I went in for my 2nd HSN.  My doc was super nice and I toughed out the short-lived cramping that comes when he pushed the saline into the uterine cavity.  When I sat back up all of the saline kind of dripped/gushed out.  It wasn’t super gross, just weird.  He said that everything looks good and we are chugging right along.

We still haven’t heard about the genetic screening on the embryos.  Man I hope we have a winner in there.  It is strange for me to imagine this new place with a kiddo.  I have gotten used to it just being me and my husband – and the cats.  I do believe that we will have an awesome family home here.  I just can’t wrap my brain around it.  There is just so much change and all at once.  I am sleep deprived, drained, and mentally wiped – which leaves me having these strange out of body and awkward deja-vous moments.

We are making our way through it though.  I am grateful that it is summer and that we have the time with this 4th of July holiday to get our heads back on straight by Tuesday the 5th.  We are basking in our blessings and we have so many right now.  We had some amazing helpers, and yes we paid them and gave them food and booze – but their help was indispensable.  Seriously, we are so very lucky.  I expect we will struggle as I continue to make a dent in the chaos of our garage.  We still do not have a car pulled into it and I hope we can do that soon.  We have a lot of garbage to get rid of and I need to really purge a lot of my crap as it is all just too much and such a shame that I paid for 18 months of storing things I now intend to part with one way or another.  So if I can get a handle on that, get a little healthier in the process of all the work and not a lot of sitting around, and power through the next month of a busy summer, I should be good!

Fingers crossed that this all works out and this house becomes a family home.


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