IV iron

So the iron infusion went just fine.

I rushed from work to get to the cancer center (which is where all of this is done).  I used the valet for parking since I was running late.  Then I flew up the staircase and checked in. It was maybe 12:31.  I thought that I had to be there at 12:30, but there was no one around, the lab techs were all on lunch.  It was fine though.  Given all the constant running around, it was nice to sit in an empty and open space.

The cancer center is really serene.  It is bright and has a lot of windows looking out to gardens and a pond with a fountain in it.  There is a light colored wood, stainless brushed steel, and cool concrete throughout.  So, as I sat there I just soaked in the calm.

It must have worked because when I went back, they did vitals and my BP was 117/72 and my Pulse was 63.  Then, from a vein in my hand, it was 6 vials of different blood tests.  I was also weighed.  Finally, after all that egg retrieval bloating, the scale said I was back to my honeymoon pre-cruise weight.  Phew!

I was then taken back to the infusion center.  Nurse Diane, who is an angel on Earth, showed me around.  There were private rooms and an open area.  The open area was pretty bright, which could be desirable I’m sure, but I opted for a private room with a tv and lights that dim.  I was in a recliner chair with a pillow tucked under my left elbow.  Nurse Diane gave me a little heater pad to warm up my vein.  Then, lickety-split, she had that IV in and it didn’t hurt that bad.  The IV from the egg retrieval was way worse.  Then she did a 25 cc test injection of iron that I was watched for 1 hour to see how I would react.  I didn’t really feel anything, but I had a strange taste in my mouth.

While I waited for that 1st hour, I watched a little Doctor Oz, then some tennis, and finally the cable news stations.  I wasn’t really paying attention.  I just dozed, not really sleeping but nodding off, and texted the husband.  After that 60 mins showed I could tolerate the iron, Nurse Diane set up the remaining 975 cc bag.  It was a slow drip and lasted another hour.  That allowed me more time to just rest.  I was chilly, as I am sure it is better to be cold and have the warm blankets, than to be too warm and not be able to undress.

Anyway, when the infusion was done, I had to be watched for another 30 mins to make sure everything was ok.  I did great and only had a headache and a little queasiness in my tummy.  Otherwise, I was pleased to have received such great treatment.  It was as pleasant of an experience as nearly 4 hours of treatment could be.

I was driving home with this big weight lifted.  I’ve been worried that I am not healthy enough for a hopeful upcoming implantation.  However, with better blood levels, with some of the stress of the house behind me, and now that I see good vitals maybe things are going along just as they should.  We still have not heard anything from the genetic testing.  I was hopeful that we would have by now, but maybe tomorrow.

I have a very busy day tomorrow and will just plow through it all so that I can get to the weekend – which will also continue to be busy.  We are going to buckle down and do some hard core house stuff.  Trees are coming down and more furniture is being brought in.  Hopefully soon we will have this place looking stellar!


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