From 31 to 3

We received the news about our PGS.  It said that 7 of the embryos did not have normal chromosomal make-up.  They will be thawed and destroyed.  The remaining 3 are suitable for transfer.

Wow.  We went from 31 eggs, to 28 fertilized, to 10 qualifying for PGS biopsy, to 3 viable embryos.  Just, yikes!  I can see how we may have gone through even more miscarriages and really hard times.  I truly hope that this will help us achieve a healthy outcome.

It is so shocking to me that we were just at 3 though.  That is so strange to think that those statistics for 42 year olds are in play for me.  I guess I was just hopeful that I was going to have better odds.  The reality is that I don’t think we can afford to do this again, so we have 3 implantation tries (provided the embryos thaw okay).  I really hope that this works.

So that is the update.  I stopped taking the pill and will now begin all of the medication to get my uterine lining prepped for a transfer.  Here we go!


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