We are scheduled…wow!

So Saturday morning I went in for another blood test and ultrasound.  The lining was just at the threshold: 6.01.  The doctor wants 6 for a go-ahead with transfer.  My estradiol had dropped a little.  It is crazy how that happened even with me doing the increase in dosage.

Anyway, we got the call yesterday afternoon that we are now moving into progesterone supplements and changing the way I take the estradiol as part of getting ready for the transfer on Friday!

I am so excited – and still very apprehensive.

So today I started the progesterone and estradiol…vaginally (which is fine and much easier  than doing shots – those are coming Wednesday night.  It is very easy to do, so I just need to remember to do the medicine on time.  I also need to get into the super healthy habits that I know I need: sleep, water, vitamins…etc.

I have okay with that, but not the best.  I hope to be diligent this week.  We are so busy as we get ready for this – fingers crossed it takes.

The heat is still very bad.  Today we had a heat index of 118…which is NUTS!  the humidity is awful.  I just want to crank the AC and sit in the dark drinking water and eating cucumbers.  I love cucumbers when I am dehydrated.

Well I am keeping it short and sweet.  I have to do my medicine and take a shower so that I can crawl into bed and try to sleep through the night.  I am anxious as we are just plowing through this week as we try to get closer to becoming pregnant, and hopefully, staying pregnant.



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