There are circles drawn on my love handles…

…and that is because we are starting the Progesterone oil injections tonight.

We went in for bloodwork this morning.  The husband came with me because he needed to see how to do the oil injections.

When we were there, the nurse said that although the doc had originally suggested that we only do a singleton, he has a study that shows doing two embryos is better for someone my age with my BMI.  I heard BMI a lot today.

So that rocked us a lot as we had completely prepared ourselves to do things one at a time. So we talked about it, and even though I was leaning toward doing it, the husband said to try just the 1 now.  So that is what we are doing.  One Day 5 Blastocyst.

But before making our decision we asked if we knew the gender.  She said they were all the same gender.  And low and behold: all males.  Crazy that out of all those eggs, we end up with 3 boys.  2 of them were blasts on day 5, one is a day 6 blast.  Which makes me happy to know that one of those day 6 kiddos made it and thank goodness we paid to test it.

Even though we had made our decision, I did read up on that statistic.  With a single transfer the success rate for pregnancy is about 50%.  With 2 it is 75%.  There are the chances that you will get twins, obviously with 2 in there, but there are still the chances that the 1 can still split to 2.  That would be crazy!

Anyway, after finally getting the decision made, the nurse had my husband do a practice push of the oil and went over the instructions for how to do it.  I think we will be okay.  I will try to think of something else when we do the shot.  Once a night for maybe up to 6 weeks.  I really hope the progesterone helps.

So I was out in the crazy, bad heat again today.  Even though the humidity is less, the temp is still up and the sun was strong.  I need to keep powering through the hours outside so that I can lay low a little after the transfer…fingers crossed.

So, on Friday we go in for more blood and then the transfer.  I am excited and hopeful…but still not getting my hopes up as I just think we have a lot of odds against us.  So shot tonight…work like normal tomorrow…then off to get reunited with one of our frosties on Friday.  Oh boy!!!! Yes…boy!


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