It wasn’t too bad

The husband did the progesterone in oil shot just fine.  I iced the area for 30 mins, then we did the shot.  He pushed it in and it stung a little.  Right away I applied the heating pad and sat with that for about an hour while watching the Obama speech at the convention.

Today the area felt like a bruise.  I know it is the 1st shot, so maybe that is part of why it wasn’t terrible.  I would imagine that when that area is still sore and more medicine is going in, then it may be worse.

Anyway…tomorrow is the day!  I pray, really pray that this little frosty hangs on and implants and stays for 39 weeks.

Last night the husband was looking up articles about poor IVF stats for overweight older women.  He was reading aloud how European countries won’t even do IVF for obese women.  He was scowling as he read this.  We are both overweight.  We both have struggled with that, and yet, the weight thing is really hitting home with me now as those stats paint this as a failure before we try.

It sucks that I can’t say I am just optimistic.  I am trying to be, but the frustration of the odds really does play in.  So, hopefully, 10 days from now I will have a pregnancy test and it will be positive and then we will go through those blood tests and ultrasounds that won’t break my heart, but rather reassure me that things will be okay.  Maybe I will beat the odds…but I can’t deny the reality.

Okay, that is it for now.  I will update tomorrow after the transfer.  Please, God…please let this work!


2 thoughts on “It wasn’t too bad

  1. Don’t get discouraged about the weight issue. I have a BMI of 40 and that is after a 27 lb weight loss during this pregnancy due to morning sickness. Our FET worked and I am 30 weeks pregnant now. Statistics are just numbers 🙂 sending baby dust your way!

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    1. Thank you for the reassurance. I really appreciate it. Just positive and hopeful thoughts for all of us. Congrats on it working, on making it to 30 weeks, and on powering through the successful end of this journey! God bless!

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