FET…Welcome to my womb #4

Today we had our frozen embryo transfer.

The worst part of the whole thing was timing up the “full bladder” to having it be full at for the procedure versus just ready to explode all over the place while waiting.

Let me back up a little.  Last night, we ordered some pizza from a new place.  Right away the husband was not feeling well.  I attributed that to eating too much, which I had not done.  I stopped after one slice.  However, at 3:45 a.m. my stomach’s rumbling woke me up.  I raced to the bathroom and began to have a series of unfortunate events…so to say.  From 3:45 all the way until we were at the doctor’s office having blood drawn, I was sick.  I think it had to be something I ate, because that is all I can think of for that.

Having an upset stomach, not sleeping, doing work from my laptop at 5 in the morning, and loading up on water just made for a less than relaxing morning.  I was attempting to watch a morning news show at 7 a.m. but passed out like a champ until 9:45.  Then, still dealing with the upset tummy, I started to get ready.  I took a shower and got dressed.  I started to drink lots and lots of water at around 11:00 a.m.

I had thought our appointment was at noon, so I thought we were going to be there at 11:45.  When I got upstairs to check in, the blood draw was at 12:15 with the appointment at 12:30.  My bladder was already full and getting fuller.  While I was waiting for the blood draw, I had to go, so I did and then started re-loading by pounding a huge amount of water from my water bottle.  We had the blood test and then went downstairs to check in at the surgery center.  Once again, my bladder was super full, but now it was 12:15, so I thought I would just do the pee pee dance up until they took me back at 12:30.  But when 12:30 hit and it was apparent I wasn’t going back right on the dot, I begged the nurse to let me go just a little.  So I hopped off the bed and squirmed to the bathroom for a little release.  I didn’t release much, and came back still feeling really full.  The nurse informed us that they were running late from an earlier appointment, which I assumed was the lady in the room next to me.  It sounds like she was struggling after her egg retrieval, just based on the what I could hear the nurses saying and some of the scrambling they were doing to try and wake her up.

So, as I was waiting there, I thought for sure I was going to pee all over the doctor.  The nurse had come in, set the side railing, and pumped the bed to take me back…but then she left and I was still waiting.  I couldn’t stand it, so I slid off the end of the bed and ran to go a little more.

When I got back, they were ready to take me.  The doctor came in and said that the embryo had thawed perfectly.  He told us it was #4 of the 10 we had tested.  He explained what we would be doing, and then he and the nurse pushed me back to the procedure room.  The husband came along and was seated out of my line of sight, by my head.

Once on the table, I got positioned at the edge, legs into the stirrups, and warm gel was put on my tummy.  They used an abdominal ultrasound and pressed pretty hard to visualize the bladder and uterus.  Thank God I had peed off a little more, because with the pushing of the ultrasound, I know for certain I would have exploded.  It was still hard as he washed out the cavity since there was white progesterone goo from the pills in there.

Then he did a catheter.  That was a little uncomfortable.  I was squeezing the husband’s hand at that point.  Then the embryologist brought in a pipe thing that had our little #4 loaded inside.  He followed the catheter and used the ultrasound to know he was in the upper middle of the uterus and with a little puff of air, the embryo was pushed into a pocked of air bubbles.  The embryologist used a microscope to make sure that the embryo was out of the pipe and we were “all clear”, so the catheter and speculum came out, I slid back to the bed with wheels and was on my way back to the room.

As soon as those handles were down, I ran to the bathroom and had the longest pee of my life…and it felt so good to be done with that really full bladder.  I came back and the husband and I waited for the doctor.  He came in with a photo of the embryo, that had hatched…cool pic.  We also got the petri dish that #4 lived in all this time.  We had to ask for that specially.

We are scheduled for two follow up blood tests.  And that was that.  The husband ran to get the car from the parking garage…and he did so just in time as there was a huge storm coming and it had only just started to rain.  I had time to do another bathroom pit stop and felt so good for that.  We drove home in really, really heavy rain.  Our part of town ended up being flooded and we had water in our garage and basement…not to mention two “rivers” running through the back yard.  The rain was unbelievable.

We took it easy and rested while the weather was crazy.  Then, due to all of the weather, my husband was called into work.  I hope that he is safe.  I hope to eat a little and then watch some Netflix.

So fingers crossed and praying…really praying that this works!  Stick around #4, we have a world ready to welcome you.


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