Seeing red….again

Today is 6 DPT (Days Post Transfer).  I hope that the spotting I started to see yesterday is just burrowing from implantation.  I don’t have cramps, but seeing that red on the pad and on the toilet paper just launches me right back to a place where my heart breaks, I cry, and I pray that somehow God will still grant us this miracle.

I called the doctor’s office and gave them the update.  The nurse was super nice and said that it is too soon to say whether or not that is good or bad.  I am to take it easy and see how things go.  Today is super hot, and I have bagged all of my activities except a newly scheduled hematology appointment.  When I say hot, today will have a heat index at 100 degrees and it is already super humid.  I just want to lounge around in my AC and take a nap.  I still do not sleep through the night.  I did finally wear my mouthguard.  I have been grinding my teeth like crazy.

The Zika virus is all over the news.  A plane is now spraying a 10 mile area of Miami.  The women in that area are afraid of the mosquitos and the chemicals in the air.  I feel bad for them.  I am plenty afraid of all the mosquitos we have here…hopefully they are not the kind that can carry the virus.  I guess I would need to be pregnant to justify that worry.  I am still not sure if I am or not.

Finally, the husband wants to still go away this weekend.  I guess if things seem okay, then I can tag along.  I can always chill at the hotel.  I will bring the computer and write if I get stuck in there.  Well, fingers crossed still and hoping that #4 is tucked in and growing.


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