Grinding my teeth

Well, the spotting has let up.  I believe it is because I relaxed yesterday and got myself out of the heat.

However in all of the worrying that I allowed myself to do, I was grinding my teeth so hard I ended up with a headache and some tooth pain.  I dug out my old mouth guard and started to use that.  I used to grind my teeth a lot when I was stressing in my previous career.  Last night I had a dream where I had to be a student in a class and I didn’t have a clue what was going on.  I thought I could wing it, but the perfectionist in me wanted to have a handle on everything and no matter what was being asked of me I couldn’t be ready for it.  I was in band and couldn’t find the music I needed, I was in an English class and was getting graded for my vocal flashcards but I could only find Science flashcards, I was trying to get to a tournament in Ohio only to find that the club I showed up at wasn’t the host club.  I think all of the uncertainty of if things are okay or not is creeping into my subconscious.

We have follow up blood work on Monday.  Yesterday I was at the hematologist to see how I am doing post IV Iron.  I am up to 11.2 (Normal is 12).  That is great considering how low I was before.  He thinks that I should continue to improve now that I have a lot of iron in my bank.  So that was a nice bit of news.  I may still have to do another one, but for now I am where he wants to see my levels at.

We are going to head to Wisconsin for a little get-away.  I can crank the AC in the hotel room and just chill should I not want to be outside at the Renaissance Faire.  This will be our 3rd year at the faire.  We love it.  I probably will not dress as I usually do.  I doubt that a corset will be a healthy choice.  So, some lightweight clothing and lots of sunscreen will be the plan.  We plan on heading out shortly, so I am signing off.

I hope that it stays cooler as the forecast says it should.


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