Tuesday I went about a normal day.  I got home and rushed to take the shot as I was about a 1/2 hour late.  I went to sleep and when I was getting ready for my blood test appointment I noticed a rash in a strange shape above the injection site.  It was bright red and shaped like a flower.  I went to the doctor’s office, had my blood drawn and showed them the rash.  The nurses thought that it must be a bite because it wasn’t actually in the injection zone.

Yesterday, I did my usual day and then heard that my HCG numbers looked good.  On Monday I was at 129, Wednesday it was 298.  That seems good.  I am going in again tomorrow for one more draw before an ultrasound.

We drew up the shot for last night same as we always do.  It went in without more than normal pain.  About 45 mins later I was itchy and went to look at what felt like a bruise or a lump.   There were four big, puffy, red hives above the injection site on the new side now.  I couldn’t believe it.  The reaction was rather instantaneous to the injection, so it had to be that.  I searched online and found discussion boards where women had hives like that.  I was going to really look hard for Benadryl, but I just gave up and went to sleep.  I didn’t sleep with the itching.

This morning I called the doctor’s office and they called in a different injection prescription that is specially compounded with a different “agent”.  So the only pharmacy that would be able to have it for today is in Lincoln Park Chicago.  Luckily, my dad was in the city for business, so at lunch he got it for me.  This formula is not covered by insurance, so we will have to pay for it.  Compared to what other drugs could be for fertility this one is not that bad at all.  One vial for $60.

It is super hot, humid, and windy here today.  I canceled some of my outdoor lessons so that I could just rest a little given that I was awake with itching for hours last night.  I did rest…but a little too hard.  I slept right through my morning estradiol and progesterone insert dose.  Oops.  I took them at noon when I remembered…hope that is okay.

I will be going out into the heat at 7:30 – hoping that it is a little better then.  I explained to my outdoor tennis boss that I need to wrap up the outdoor lessons soon as Aug 22nd I go full-tilt indoors and don’t want to have the crazy long days.  I will still do 1 weeknight and 1 weekend evening of programs for them, but other than that, I need to pull back a little….here is how she replied.  I am going to try to do verbatim since I don’t think this is a legal answer to my request.  She knows I am pregnant, she knows I have had 2 previous miscarriages.  She should have a little more heart.  I had emailed her to say that I wanted to be put on hold for booking out lessons.

She called, “What’s up?”  I replied that I had been to the doc and seemed to be having an allergic reaction to some medication.  “How does that affect me?” she snapped.  “I guess it doesn’t,” I answered.  “So I got some email saying that you can’t teach anymore lessons,” her voice was harsh. “No, I was just trying to find a way to limit how much I am in the sun as it has been so hot and I need to start wrapping up lesson packages as I am moving indoors.”  “Well if you can’t do it, then we will just have to hire someone else and you’re out.”  I was so shocked.  I have worked for them since 1998.  “I can do some, but I guess I was looking for a way to not get booked out so much I guess.”  “So you are saying you can’t do it.  You are saying you need to be replaced?” again with the tone.  I said, “No, I just want to be able to avoid the heat and sun a little more.  It has been so hot, but forget I said anything.”  “So you are now in?” with sarcasm.  “I will be fine” I replied and from there worked to get off the call.  I was pretty sure that I just experienced something of a not legal work experience there, but I just needed to get going.  So that was frustrating.  The whole reason I went back to full-time tennis is because I could have some control over the schedule.  It has allowed me all kinds of freedom for quick doctor’s appointments.  But to be threaten that I would be “out” if I can’t be at her beck and call is just wrong, right?

Okay, I need to wrap up.  Another HCG tomorrow a.m.  I have a busy day tomorrow…hopefully I get better sleep tonight.



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