Sciatica…holy schnikes!

So we left off with the allergic reaction of hives.  My Dad was able to pick up the new medicine and on Thursday night (it is Saturday now) we did that for our highly injection.

Again, almost immediately I had the reaction.  There were two really large, oddly shaped hives above the injection site.  I also tasted and smelled metal.  But, the kicker was when I began to have lightening bolts of hot pain shoot down from my butt into the back of my left leg.  Surprisingly, and probably because I was so damn tired from the previous nights’ hiving outs, I still fell asleep.

When I woke up Friday morning I was unbearably stiff.  About 10 years ago I really overdid a kettle ball workout which had my back completely destroyed.  I remember trying to get out of my Jeep from having hopped into and then getting stuck in traffic.  The instant, knifing pain brought me to my knees and I hobbled for days using a putter as a cane.  This was nearly like that…but not instantaneous.  When I woke up I was stiff, but I still got out of bed, checked my bright red hives in the mirror (the swelling was down) and then waddled out to drink water and take my morning Synthroid pill.  The husband left for work and I hobbled from waiving bye to him at the front window to go to the bathroom and do my morning pills that I don’t swallow (IVF ladies, you know where these ones go).  It was when I went to the bathroom that I couldn’t get tall again.  My back pain escalated quickly.  I thought, I’ll take a warm shower and get ready for my day then try this again.  Even after an extra long shower, the back was no good and my left leg was weak.  I had a hard time even lifting it to get out of the shower (which is a tub, not a walk-in).  So I struggled to dress, I was unable to do the pills still, and I continued to feel the tightness, stiffness, and bolts of pain that came with each step of my left foot.  I seriously thought I must have broken my back in my sleep.

Since this was so bad, I left extra early for the doctor’s appointment.  Getting into the car was terrible.  I did it though.  I drove through a freakish rain storm, got to the parking garage and had to do some motivation self-talk to swing that left leg out of the car.  I winced with the pain, popped the umbrella and slowly, like a very old frail lady, made my way to the office.  When I got there I said I was really early but was hoping to see a nurse.  Both nurses were with people so I had my blood drawn first.

The guy who is the best stabber in the world had a very hard time getting my usually reliable vein to cooperate.  I toughed out the pain from the needle because it was nothing compared to the pain from my back.  I watched blood trickle slowly into the tube.  He could tell I wasn’t feeling well.  The blood thing and the pain of sitting there had me trembling and there were tears at the edges of my eyes.

I went back to the nurses’ desk and saw asked one of the ladies if I could speak to her in one of their private exam rooms.  She saw the tears and gestured to a nearby room and said she would be right there.  When she came in I started to cry.  I told her I was still having a reaction, and I was in a lot of bad pain.  She examined the hives, which were hot to the touch.  She took my temp and blood pressure – which were normal (Thank God!) and then had the other nurse come in.  I explained that I couldn’t bend to do the medicine, so they had me lie on the exam table, left me alone, and with the bottom half of the table angled up, I was able to take care of that.  They said that they would share the info with the doc and get back to me.  I was told I could take a Benadryl for the hives and Tylenol for the pain.  I assumed that maybe, like the hives, the back pain would be at its worst closer to the time we did the injection and just get better, so I decided to go about my day.

I went to work and taught two horribly painful hours of tennis.  I told each of my lesson peeps that my back was inflamed and they were super nice.  I wasn’t able to hit, but I could feed balls and work on serving form.  Then I knocked out some admin by sitting at the computer.  When I would get up from the computer I was in agony.  So at around 2 I left and came home.  I got my heating pad and put that on my back and sat in the recliner with my feet up.  The pain was still mostly the same, so when the husband got home I figured we should and could still visit my sister who is about 45 minutes away in order to pick up some furniture she had been saving for us.  She was itching to get it out of her storage closet so that she could store wedding things there.

So we did the drive, and when I went to get out of the van, the pain and stiffness was even worse.  My middle sister and her three kids were still at my youngest sister’s place.  Right away my niece came up to me all smiles and said, “you’re having a baby?  I hope it is a girl!”  I was shocked that she knew because I was attempting to speak in medical code with my sister about it.  Given that it is early, it would be hard for her to have to process a loss too.  Anyway, it was all a little crazy, but the fun kind of crazy with the kids dancing and being cute.  We loaded up the van and stayed for some pizza.  It was super nice being with my family.  I honestly feel their absence so much it makes me a bit sad.  I am also crazy hormonal too. Finally, as we got ready to go, I got hugs from the kids.  The pain was worse.   The ride home probably didn’t help either.  We came home at a break in the weather.  It had been storming, and right after coming in, the skies opened up again.

The pain last night was so very bad that I was ready to go to the hospital.  I couldn’t sleep and even the slightest adjustment with either of my legs was unbearable.  I was wide awake at 1 a.m. and when my husband came in to check on me I said that he might have to take me to the ER, but then I said that I kind of smelled so I should take a shower first.  So by 2 a.m. I was attempting to hobble up the stairs and into the shower.  I was sure I was going to fall as I didn’t have the strength to lift my legs over the side of the tub.  Somehow I did it though.  I showered for a long time.  Then, I combed my hair, put on some fresh sleepwear, slowly came down the stairs in reverse using my right leg to brace each step.  When I got the 1st floor, the husband was awake but still sprawled on the couch.  I told him I was going to take some laps around the 1st floor – it was now a little after 3 a.m.  I never went back to bed.  I just settled into the recliner again, and finally I slept a little.

Today the pain has been bad…but nothing like when I thought that we were going to do a run to the ER.  It is certainly manifesting as what seems like a classic sciatic nerve pain.  Only I can’t really wrap my brain around believing that it is just from those shots.  The hard, lumpy oil deposits that my husband pointed out were at the surface of my skin.  I supposed if those lumps were deeper in the muscle it could be pressing on my nerves there.  But why I am worse now is different from the hives.  That is what has me concerned.  So I continue to take my meds, drink water, and try to do little laps here and there.  But as of almost 6 p.m. on Saturday I am essentially crippled.

Most importantly I hope Four is okay.  The HCG numbers had doubled again and I have an ultrasound on Tuesday.  I continue to pray that he hangs in there despite all of the pain my body is experiencing.  Hopefully he is happy and growing in his little gestational sac.

Okay, time to get up…grit my teeth and get standing!


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