Yep, I am now using a cane

Since I continue to be stuck at home with continued debilitating back and leg pain, I have had the chance to read online about PIO issues.  There isn’t a lot out there.  I searched the following phrases:

  • Lumps from progesterone in oil
  • PIO and sciatica
  • PIO and hard lumps in back
  • PIO with hives and bad back pain
  • how long for PIO to be absorbed
  • successful pregnancies without PIO
  • successful pregnancies with only progesterone suppositories
  • what are healthy progesterone levels at 5-6 weeks pregnant
  • back pain and nerve issues from PIO

I am sure that searched a lot more, but I just see a lot of forums where women suggested all of the things that I did: heating pad, slow push, ice before, heat before, heat after, massage after, warm the oil, try different compounds…but in most of the forums, the women pushed through and continued to take their PIO shots.  I have not had one since Thursday night, so that is now going on my 4th night of no injection.

Those hard lumps are still there, but down some.  I am still getting smaller hives.  It must be from the coagulated lumps disapating and that oil still reacting with me…if I was to guess.

The back and leg pain is still bad, bad, bad.  So I have my father-in-law’s cane which has been helpful, while also making me feel like an hypochondriac.  The worst part is still just moving from seated to standing and vice versa…and taking that 1st step on the left leg.  That sciatica is crazy.  It hurts all the time.  There is no escaping it.  Sitting, standing, walking…it is constantly there.  So I really hope that it gets better as another day goes by.

Tomorrow I have the 1st ultrasound at 10:30 a.m.  I am obviously nervous because of the pain.  They will also check blood too.  So at least, if things go well, I may be able to rest assured a little.  I certainly have been drinking water like crazy, so that should help!


One thought on “Yep, I am now using a cane

  1. After four rounds of IVF and going towards our fifth, we decided that we’re only going to do PIO shots in the weeks preceding the transfer, and the doctor said after the transfer we could switch to suppositories. Not that I’m madly in love with taking four suppositories a day, but after all those shots and lumps the first four cycles, we want to try something different. We’re also going to do estrogen in pill form instead of shot form… I think my bum has paid its price… hope yours gets better soon ( post miscarriage at ~9 weeks, mine is still itchy but going away)…


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