1st Ultrasound

Yesterday was the 1st ultrasound.  The woman who has done all but 2 of my ultrasounds was there.  I was nervous, but I said a little prayer before we started and everything was looking normal.  The measurements had me at 5 weeks 3 days with a due date of April 15th.   So that was a bit of relief.  However, the Progesterone levels were down.  I had been as high at 16.8, yesterday it was 6.6 big top off for 4 nights of no PIO injections.

So I have my next appointment a week from today (Wednesday).  I really hope #4 hangs on and does okay with just the Endometrin suppositories.  The blood tests do not really reflect that medicine as it isn’t all absorbed into the bloodstream.  So I am praying that #4 is getting enough Progesterone to be happy and healthy and grow a placenta.

So I have had the sore breasts, the exhaustion, and now today a little dizzy spell.  So feeling pregnancy symptoms is a little reassurance even if I could end up regretting thinking that.  I have really wanted to be able to take a little nap here and there, but the days have been too busy for that.  Today I hit the wall at 2 p.m.  I was just so wiped out.  But rather than resting, I ended up getting woken up with calls and texts.  The work is going to hit big and soon.

The timing stinks as my back is still bad.  I am walking better today, but it is still painful and stiff.  I spent $35 for a back brace.  I hope that helps.  I am just worrying that I will not be able to get the rest I feel like I need because everything is going to be on crunch mode.  I’ve dealt with that before, but I just want some peace right now.

So that is the update.  I hope tomorrow goes okay.  I am banking on craziness at work.



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