Good news!

Four was looking good today.  I don’t have the blood tests back, but he had grown and the heart rate was 156.  This was great news as I still don’t feel all that pregnant.  I guess women with PCOS sometimes don’t have all of the symptoms.  I also read that if you have been pumping a lot of prenatal vitamins for a while that can help.  Anyway, whatever the case, I don’t feel super pregnant…but thank goodness Four’s little heart is thumping away.  Based on the measurements today the new due date is now on my birthday.  That is pretty cool!

My next appointment is not until September 13th now.  That feels like an ETERNITY to have to wait to know how things are going.  I was officially released from my fertility clinic today.  The had me do a form to send over to the OB.  I also brought a bunch of my unused medicine to be donated to women who can’t afford it.  I gave them all of the needles, the Progesterone oil, and more.  It was a huge bag and I watched as the nurses did an inventory on it all.  I really love that office and all of the people there, but I don’t want to have to see them anytime soon.

I left and walked in the noon sunshine for a bit.  The day seemed so much nicer for having felt the relief of good news.  My brain began to spin in considering all that still needs to happen for me to feel like we are okay.  I know that the 12 week mark is pretty nice.  I will feel better at delivery when we can find out that he is okay.  Man, there is so much that will happen in the next 8 months – and I hope it goes the whole way.

So that is my update.  I am happy that we have good news!


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