So I went to the ER

This past Tuesday was my regular OB appointment.  I had to drive quite a ways and when I got to the new office I was the only car in the parking lot.  I got in and was taken back right away.  I had to provide a urine sample, which you’d think should be easy for a pregnant woman to do but I had to drink two glasses of water to get that accomplished.  When the doctor came in I was really nervous.  I just hadn’t felt much of anything.  Even my breast tenderness has lessened.  The doctor went over the history of this pregnancy and asked questions about the previous miscarriages.  Then he said, “let’s get to what you really want to see…that ultrasound pic.”  We got all set up and he inserted the wand for the scan.  I shut my eyes because I still get so nervous that there won’t be anything there, or what should be there will be still.  But this time the doctor smiled, “Well hello!  Baby is bouncing and very good.”  I looked over to the screen and saw that little bean just as he described.  “He says, ‘Hi Mommy!'” I let out my held breath.  Then the doc pushed a button and I could hear the woosh woosh of his little heart.  That was awesome!  I got a little pic and it showed that the he measured 9 weeks 2 days, which makes him due April 16th.  I was so happy to hear good news.  I received a bunch of handouts all about the upcoming experiences we will go through.  I tore through that whole packet of stuff the minute I got home.  I was told that there would be some additional monitoring that they would do given my age and other conditions.  But all in all it seemed like an A+ appointment.

I went about my day, driving all the way back, making dinner, going back for an evening of work, and then a normal Wednesday and Thursday.  Then out of nowhere some heavier bleeding hit late last night.

Last night started out so promising.  The husband was being super sweet and I thought for sure that I was having one of the better nights with him than we have had together in a long time.  We reviewed the handout about having a baby at our local hospital.  We talked about attending one of the pre-natal classes they offer.  We had a really nice dinner of Arctic Char that he grilled on a cedar plank – so healthy.  We discussed trying to take a little weekend away vacation.  Then, because we were so affectionate, we made out a very little.  There was no sex, just nice snuggling.  I guess it was enough touching though that my lady parts were stirred up, because when I went to the bathroom around 10 p.m. the normal light colored urine was tinged orange with blood.  There were not solid drops or any clots in it, just the color…which is something I had no seen in this pregnancy.  I told the husband and said that I wasn’t too worried because I figured my hoo-ha just got excited and from what I read, the bleeding could be normal.  But within a half hour, when I had to pee again, I was upstairs and the blood had gotten heavier.  It was more bright red.  My heart started to race and I felt a little dizzy, only because a huge wave of anxiety washed over me.  I figured that maybe it was just temporary, so I thought I would put on a fresh pad and see what happens.  I decided to sleep with the husband downstairs, thinking that if I got dizzy I didn’t want to mess around with the pet gate and stairs in the middle of the night.  I put an old towel on the bed and lay there scrolling through things on the internet.  Some threads reassured me, some terrified me.  So then I thought I would pray and try to sleep.  I eventually fell asleep.  I woke at 2 and saw the same kind of blood with that pee trip to the bathroom.  Then when I woke at 5 a.m. my pad was more full and there seemed to be more blood.  As I was peeing, I felt a clot pass and I looked…it was large.  I scooped it and put it in a clear baggie.  I decided right then that this wasn’t normal, so I got ready to go to the ER.

I just brushed my hair, brushed my teeth, and got dressed.  I put the clot into my purse and told my husband that I would be okay.  I guess I didn’t want him to go as he had a big day at work and I would feel like an idiot if I got there and it was nothing.  So I made my way up to the hospital.  I prayed and prayed hard the whole way.  I was lucky to nab one of the few spots in the little lot, rather than having to do that garage.  I walked in and as I was saying “I am 9 and half weeks pregnant and having heavy bleeding,” I realized that I sounded like I was describing a miscarriage.  I started to get more afraid.

The ER was packed, and a nurse told me in all seriousness is was because of the full moon.  I got into a room and had a nurse do all of my vitals right away, but it was the start of waiting and more waiting.  I had an IV nurse super flustered because he couldn’t get a line started on me.  My blood pressure was low, 100/60.  I was probably dehydrated too.  Anyway, he finally got a line into my left hand, but it HURT!  Now I have a huge raised purple bruise that is the entire backside of my hand.  They drew some vials of blood and then hooked me up to a saline drip.  Down below I was given a catheter.  That was to help with the upcoming external ultrasound images.  Then, I was examined by a doctor who was clearly near the end of a long and crazy shift…but she was great despite the hectic pace of the ER.  She said the cervix was still closed and that the bleeding can be okay even though it was pretty heavy.  She examined the clot I brought and said it was purely a clot, no tissue.  That was good.  She ordered the ultrasound and I waited.

When I was taken to ultrasound, I ended up in a nice quiet room where I was alone for a while.  Again, I prayed.  Then, a really nice tech came in and started the exam.  She inserted saline into the catheter to fill the bladder.  She explained that she can’t review the exam with me, the doctor will first read the images and then tell me about things.  While she was doing things, she asked about the pregnancy.  I told her it was a frozen embryo transfer.  Then she asked who the fertility doc was.  It turns out she and I went to the same one.  She had done IUI and had a daughter.  She was looking at the screen and I think her face seemed okay, I was looking for tell-tale signs of something bad.  She explained that even though she can’t tell me anything, unofficially there was a heart beat of 161.  Again, I let out my breath.  Amen…he was still thumping away in there.

I was returned to my ER room, and the place was even busier.  I was stuck laying there for a long, long time before anyone even stuck a head in to just check on me.  I listened.  There was a woman in the room next time mine who was having a heart attack.  There were two other heart attacks as well for three total.  There was a little kid screaming somewhere.  There was an elderly lady crying out in the opposite direction.  Several times I could hear the call sound of ambulances.  I couldn’t hear the specifics.  A couple of times there was running out in a nearby hall – I was in a side hallway, which had a lot less action.  The hospital also plays a little music box lullaby tune when a baby is born.  Two babies were born…which makes it hard when that is the very hospital where I hope to hear that for our little guy.  I can only imagine what hearing that is like for a woman who has just received definitive bad news about a pregnancy loss.

Anyway, it was a really, really long time before the doctor came back.  She explained the ultrasound showed a small subchorionic hematoma, and that had hemorrhaged which was the bleeding.  She said I need modified best rest, fluid, and follow up with the OB.  Usually small SCH can be okay.  There isn’t anything to do except rest and monitor.  Then she asked me if I had seen the screen in the ultrasound.  I said no.  She smiled.

“Do you know the gender?” I told her I did.  She smiled again, “Well you have one very proud little guy in there.  He is showing he gender well and early, you are going to have your hands full there mom.”  I laughed because I think I was just told the our little 9 week 5 day dude is well endowed….hilarious!  She told me he was bouncing all around and looking just fine.  She reassured me that the SCH is small and can probably work out just fine for me and the little man will be completely unaffected.  Then she brought me some crackers and OJ before starting the discharge papers.

The nurse came in and took out my IV, which is when I saw how bad that had gone.  She told me to call the OB right away and let them know I was in the ER.  She asked if I had any questions and I didn’t, as I had a lot of time to look up SCH on my phone while waiting.  So I got dressed and made my way out to my car.  I told my husband in a text that I was leaving and the little guy was okay.  He called right away so that I could explain everything.  Then I drove home.  It was noon.

I am well rested now and have myself covered at work.  I feel bad that I keep missing work things for strange complications.  I hope that will be okay.  Anyway, that is the update.  I am still pretty tired, so I am going to wrap it up for now.

Phew!  Wow….crazy day!


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