Subchorionic Hematoma & MBR (modified bed rest) Day 2

So yesterday was the trip to the ER in the morning.  Then it was a lot of scrambling to get me covered for work.  I slept decently and today I have had no bleeding – which I think is good.

So today has gone by in a haze.  I woke up at 6 a.m. and fed the cats.  Then I did my Endometrin.  There was nothing red or pink on the applicator, so good.  I went back to sleep and then came down at 7 a.m. to see the husband off.  I fell asleep downstairs while he was at work checking on things.  It was about another 90 minutes of sleep.  When the husband got home he made me a fried egg and an English muffin.  I ate that and drank OJ.  That was a nice breakfast.  Then we looked at things for the what-if of trying to take a five day vacation…which we aren’t sure we can do.  My dad called me to check on how it is going.  That was nice.  Then I took a shower.  I felt pretty good after the short shower.  The father-in-law came over and they did some more projects.  Then I took another nap…but upstairs.  Later I would read that stairs are not good for MBR, but I just wanted a different location.

I was then on the phone texting around for work stuff.  I was supposed to work tonight and tomorrow night and I have now taken myself off those things and I am in the process of getting subs.  I don’t want to take any chances.  We have come further than the other pregnancies and this guy was the best of our genetically tested embryos, so we have a lot invested into this and missing some work will cost me, but not as much as something bad happening with the pregnancy that could have been helped by following the doctor’s orders.  So, resting and taking it easy is the plan for tomorrow too.

I had some leftover frozen pizza for lunch.  Okay, that isn’t the healthiest, but I wasn’t up and preparing food in the kitchen.  So it was just something quick and easy for the husband to get me.  I ate that and then continued to drink water like it was my job.  I have had a lot of water today.  I also took my afternoon dose of Endometrin and was still okay with that.  Phew!  We watched some HGTV and critiqued the designs.  I would LOVE it if we could have our house HGTV-ed.  Ha!  We had a nice dinner, although I wonder if it is sitting okay with me.  I seem to be fighting a mild and annoying headache all day.  I just feel “off” and maybe it is because yesterday was kind of rough.  I am not going to take any Tylenol or anything though.  I will just keep drinking water and hope that it passes.

Anyway, it is almost 9 p.m. and although I have slept a lot today, I think I will go to bed soon.  I wanted to read, but didn’t.  I wanted to pay some bills, but didn’t.  I wanted to get an alteration appointment for my bridesmaid dress scheduled, but didn’t.  I just excelled at being a sloth.  I don’t like that.  I really really don’t, but if it is what Four needs (Four is the baby…it was his embryo number on the Petri dish), then rest will be what I do.  I go on Monday for another Ultrasound at the doc’s.  They will look to see how the hematoma is going.  Hopefully it will be improved and I can get back to things.  In the meantime, I read more about it, and read more about the modified bed rest.  There were women’s stories of how they didn’t really adhere to it and they lost the baby.  So I will be good and take it easy…and hope that things go well on Monday.




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