101 days pregnant

I last wrote in here almost 1 month ago.  I had experience that SCH on Sept 16th.  When I went in for the follow up appointment on Mon, Sept 19th he ultrasound was super fast, but I clearly saw the baby wave at me.  This was a fast abdominal ultrasound.  So I left on the 19th feeling pretty okay.  I was still on the restriction to not lift more than 15 pounds.  The next two weeks were pretty decent.  We took it easy and on Fri, Sept 30th my husband and I left for the city for my youngest sister’s wedding.  It was all a little much.  That Friday night my middle sister’s three kids were all wound up, so we were up late with them.  Then, the bed we had to sleep in was very uncomfortable so I barely slept at all.  I had to be up early the next morning as I was the 1st for hair and make-up.  I was able to snack on some of the breakfast foods my mom brought.  The day flew by.  It was an awesome wedding, but when the clock struck 10 p.m. I was done.  We gathered our things and made our way back home to the burbs.  We didn’t get there until almost midnight.  There was crazy bad traffic.  The next day we were both zombies.  I had already planned to take the night off of work since I knew I would be wiped out.  So I think I recovered from that intense weekend rather well.

The first week of October brought 2 doctor appointments.  On Thursday I saw my hematologist.  He reviewed my bloodwork and ordered more IV iron as my Ferritin levels had dropped again, which he said was totally predictable for an anemic pregnant woman.  Rather than just doing one big infusion, I have to now have five smaller doses all spread out as it is safer for the baby.  So far I have had three.  Tomorrow I go for the fourth.  I am pretty impressed by how fast the infusion nurses can find an IV site.  Nonetheless, it still really hurts and I bruise up after.  My hands and wrists are a mess.  But this is a necessary dose for the health of both me and the baby.  I finished up all of my fertility clinic meds too.  No more of those messy Progesterone pills up the hoo-ha.  The next day the husband came with me to our OB appointment.

We met with the doctor who got us started with the referral for IVF more than a year ago.  He is a very nice doc and put us at ease, which was good since the next part was going to send me into a panic.  The doc brought out a doppler to try and locate the heartbeat.  He scanned for a while and then said, let’s do an ultrasound.  I was worried that we didn’t hear the heartbeat.  Don’t people use their own doppler monitors to do that all the time?  Next we set up for an abdominal ultrasound.  My husband was right over my shoulder and the doc cooped my belly and started to look for the baby.  I never looked at the screen.  I was too afraid.  I watched the doc’s face.  He looked serious.  He said, “I just can’t see it clearly, we will try the internal wand.”  With that, he stepped out so that I can change.  I was very worried.  We had seen the baby so clearly with an abdominal ultrasound just two weeks before.  Of course I was worried.  So when the doctor started his internal scan I finally did look at the screen and finally, there was our baby.  He was twisted away and upside down.  But he kicked and we could make out the arms, legs, hands, and head – although we don’t have one of those perfect profile pics.  The doctor set us up for a level 2 ultrasound with the maternal fetal specialists at 20 weeks.  That will be right after Thanksgiving.  He didn’t seem concerned about anything while I am concerned about everything.  There was no blood test for any genetic things.  We didn’t do that Nuchal scan thing that looks for signs of Downs.  I don’t know if that it because we had our embryo screened.  I was just expecting more testing given my age, the complications we’ve experienced, and the fact that I am high risk.  But, at the end of the appointment it was just a matter of trusting that our doctor feels like we are all okay.  The next appointment is in two weeks and two days.

So that following Thursday we did our official preggers announcement.  We took a pic with us wearing cute shirts from Etsy.  Mine was all black with a little orange pumpkin on my belly.  It said, “Mummy in the making” on the chest.  Then on the belly, “Our little pumpkin.  Due April 2017.”  The husbands had two thumbs pointing at him and said, “The man behind the pumpkin.”  We held a larger orange pumpkin that had a large heart carved on the front.  Then inside was a little pumpkin we had painted blue and wrote “boy” on.  We stood with our Halloween decorations at the front of the house and used the remote for the camera to get some cute pics.  I put the photos on Facebook and immediately we had all kinds of people like and comment.  I heard from people that go way, way back.  It was all a little overwhelming.  The husband wore a green t-shirt to work to announce to his circle there that we are pregnant.  His shirt said, “Daddy.  2017.  Loading” and had one of those computer progress bars on his chest.  It was really sweet and he said that all of the ladies there were just super happy for us.  It is good to know that he has a great support system there.  I too am surrounded by awesome support.  My women’s teams from Wednesday morning were part of our simple gender reveal.  I sawed a crack in a tennis ball.  Then I stuffed it with blue paper that said, “It’s a boy!”  The ladies lined up and I served the ball.  The lady who caught it got to crack it open and read the news.  So many of them have boys and said that boys are awesome to raise.  I am happy and grateful to raise either a boy or girl…just hoping we make it all the way there!

Right now we are getting our living room ready for some new furniture we ordered.  It will be nice to use that room.  We also have done more to get the baby’s room ready.  I bought a used bassinet.  It is one of those ones that swivels with a stand for height adjustment.  The husband has a whole plan for decorating the baby’s room like a woodland scene.  He has been allowing himself to become more and more excited.  It warms my heart.

I am still super nervous because I haven’t really gained any weight, I don’t have any symptoms, and I feel like there isn’t anything in there.  I am just worried as I don’t feel I am pregnant.  But I am still eating healthy and keeping on track.  My boss came back after being away for 2 weeks.  This past week has been a lot more stressful as we are all trying to get caught up to where she is at.  I have a big deadline for this Friday.  I seem to sleep a little better.  There are times where I just toss and turn and stay awake with worry.  That has always been how I rolled.  That sucks.

So it is 101 days preggers and we are just trying to get to the next appointment.  I am grateful that our doctor seems to think we are all okay.  Phew!



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