Maternal Fetal Specialist Appointment

So now it is Tuesday.  I have been on bedrest since returning home from the ER Friday.  I continue to spot anything from brown to pink to red.  I am also still passing clots.  All of this is very unnerving and I while most of my worry is devoted to our baby making it, there is also a great deal of worry I have for missing so much work.  It is nuts that I am just trapped with nothing but anxiety as we wait out so type of improvement.

My OB called me yesterday and said that all of these issues are really making me high-risk, so he did a referral to the Perinatology department at the hospital.  We were able to get in with an appointment today.  So we got in and my blood pressure was high.  I was nervous as I had just passed two dime sized red clots before getting there.  I can feel that I am still bleeding a little even now.  Anyway, we got in to the room and provided a medical history.  Then they did a detailed ultrasound to check on the baby’s growth.  He is measuring at 16 weeks 3 days…just perfect.  The placenta and the amniotic sac look normal too.  My cervix is normal and that is great news.  So the blood is most likely some area of separation in the  placenta and uterine wall.  Since the placenta is mostly blood, a bleed isn’t going to show up in an ultrasound.  The doctor, who was really great, explained that to explore the bleed more would be a greater threat to the pregnancy than the bleed itself.  He also told us that his wife had the same thing at 20 weeks when she was pregnant at 42.  She went on to deliver a healthy baby.  He said frankly there is nothing to do but watch, wait, and see.  He said that bedrest is the only option, but the bleeding is going to occur despite being up or prone.  He said that everything is showing up as normal which is reassuring.  Four’s heartbeat was 157 and he is sitting breech.  The kid is fine…somehow despite all of this insanity and blood loss the baby is just normal…wow!

So the plan is no work, modified bed rest (meaning I can go to the bathroom, shower, sit, and move around a little, but otherwise rest).  I need to email my boss and update her.  That is worrisome.  I don’t have any idea when I will be back.  The doctor really understood what I was feeling.  He said you probably feel like a ticking time bomb.  He said that he knows how nervous I get to go to the bathroom for fear that there will be blood.  He said that he just knows how it is from watching his wife deal with it.  I almost lost it when he was talking as if he could read my mind.  He was very nice and that was reassuring.

The husband has been so great.  He has taken excellent care of me and has been so loving and gentle.  I am glad that I have his calm and steady personality to calm my natural tendency to let anxiety run away.  I know he is nervous too.  We both want this so very much.  We have put so much into just getting to where we are.  And where we are is ambiguous.  We have a 50% chance that things will go okay or not.  So for now there is hope and that is what we have.


One thought on “Maternal Fetal Specialist Appointment

  1. It is wonderful to see that Four is doing so well.
    I don’t know if you have a home doppler, but we used one all of the time during my pregnancies. It was comforting to hear that heartbeat, and of course nerve wracking when we had those times when we couldn’t find it. We felt it was worth getting one, but I know they aren’t for everyone.
    Hopefully you will be feeling him move around soon enough, so that you will know that he’s doing ok between visits.

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