Getting back to life

So today will be my last day of “taking it easy”.  I saw my OB yesterday.  When I was weighed, I was down four pounds….interesting.  Let me start by saying I have a GREAT OB/GYN.  He did a pelvic of check the cervix.  Amazingly, everything looks perfectly normal.  There was some old blood in there, but nothing to worry about.  He found the heartbeat…152.  He said that I could go back to work, but with the same restrictions as before.  Like the specialist from Tuesday, he just stood by with the warning that this could happen again.  There is likely an area somewhere in-between the uterus and placenta where a bleed is happening.  He explained that I may go on to carry to term without any additional problems, or that the bleeding can happen again.  This is what I continue to hear.  Just as long as the baby continues to grow and get what he needs, I will just try to take it easy and do what I can for my job.

Today I am trying to do some light laundry.  My husband has a mile long to-do list, so I am attempting to help without overdoing it.  He had his Dad over today and while they were working on insulation in the attic my father-in-law lifted his head right into an exposed nail.  It dug into his head and the blood was everywhere.  He got a little woozy and felt sick to his stomach.  I stayed with him because when they were rushing to get downstairs to first aid, they left the attic open and our boy cat, Mittens got in there.  He was pawing all around insulation and getting way back into corners.  So my husband was trying to get to the cat without stepping and putting a foot through the ceiling or getting hurt too.  It was pure craziness.  We ended getting the head wound under control, and the kitty was dragged out and dumped in the bathroom for me to bathe.  Mittens did okay with his bath until I rinsed him off.  I scooped him into a towel and held him let a baby.  Poor guy was pretty traumatized.

I didn’t realize that my taking it so easy over the past week would have me wiped out after giving a cat a bath.  I fell asleep while typing this.  The day is perfect for an afternoon nap.  The sun is slanting down in the west and I am sitting in its warm rays.  I had my blanket wrapped around my shoulders and was just so snuggled up.  So I am sure that it was a combination of just being so cozy along with my body not being in a routine of doing much.  I am still worried that I will gush again.  But, so far, today the only massive bleeding was my dear father-in-law.

That is the update. I am 17 weeks tomorrow.  I still haven’t felt the baby move.  I hope that happens soon.  I would like to know he is okay in there.


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