Things I want my baby to know…

Since I am still stuck on modified bedrest, and since I really am doing that, I have had some time.  I am going to use that time to write things for my son well in advance of his arrival.

Hey Four!

I think that I may have felt the flutters of your movement a little early this morning.  Today is an amazing November day…72 degrees and sunny.  I was sitting and watching “Chomp” the crazy squirrel who has entertained me these past few day take apart more of the pumpkin that we put on the patio.  I want to talk to you about this house.  I know that by the time you become aware of your home, it might be messy and littered with your toys.  I actually pray for that.  Your very first baby toy was purchased by your dad nearly two months ago.  It is a pink owl that has a soft happy tinkle noise.  We hung it from a nail on the wall in your room.  Your dad found one like it while working.  It was a little dirty, yet he kept it in his truck anyway.  Now when he hears the tinkle of the owl, he can think of you playing with yours at home.  Don’t be surprised if I keep that owl forever as it was truly the 1st toy anyone got you.  Both your dad and I also hope that while you enjoy toys to soothe you and help your brain grow, that you will also enjoy the fun of nature.  We have a lot of it…right out the door and just in the neighborhood.  We look forward to watching you play in this beautiful yard.  One of the reasons we loved this house is for the yard.  Your swingset is pretty nice too.  Your cousins have tested it out and approve it.  I hope your muscles get nice and strong from climbing and swinging on it.  The view out the window of your room is so lovely, especially in spring when the yard is covered in flowers.  I know that will only be your room for a little while as you are young.  Later, you will move upstairs.  I am not sure to which room yet, but you will be there.  I am can also imagine that you will play a lot in the family room.  We will have to make a spot for your stuff as it is already a little tight there.  I think you will have a lot of fun in your house.  Your grandma and grandpa will probably be over a lot.  They live nearby and their house is fun because they have huge fish.  You will get to feed them someday and watch how they almost leap out of the water to get their food.  I will talk to you more about your family later.

I want you to know that your dad and I were so hopeful that you would be the most important part of our getting our house.  We love this home because when we were shopping for it we were thinking about how a baby, toddler, youngster, and teenager would like it here.  We imagined that this would be a great place for you at any age.  You will get to go to wonderful schools and make all kinds of awesome memories in a super fun town.  There really is something to do all the time around here.  We hope to have you develop a natural curiosity for the world around you.  We will take you to great parks, some near and some that are a little drive away.  I can already see your dad teaching all the different tree and plant names.  He can show you how to identify them by leaf shape and the way the branches grow.  When you are big enough, he will take you on his kayak too.  There are so many things out in nature that I know he dreams of teaching you all about.  I will want to do sports with you.  I love sports and hope that you will find them fun too.  It is also a great way for you to meet friends.  If you are anything like me you will love the thrill of competition, but hopefully you will also have your dad’s grounded temperament to endure a sport when you are not in rock star mode.

Well, your dad is doing a prescribed burn which has him working late today.  I am going to wrap it up as I want to try and get something started for dinner.  Don’t worry, I won’t be on my feet too long.  I think I will just get the oven hot and set out some condiments for the burger that I think we are going to eat.  That should be easy enough.  I am touching my belly right now and trying to make sure you know I am thinking about you.  Keep growing strong little Four!


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