Changing Seasons

Hey Four!

So our Thanksgiving was so nice.  We had such a great feast and our home was so cozy.  The next day, Black Friday, we stayed in and packed away all of the fall decor and started to bring up the Christmas decorations.  We have about one month for these decorations – which is too short.  I love this time of year!  We put up all of my penguins….they are posed like an army on the mantel.  A few of them dance and I hope that entertains you next year and for a few years to come.  My favorite one is a mom and baby penguin.  The baby is in an egg and pops up to sing his little part of their duet.

We didn’t do any Black Friday shopping.  Rather, we just stayed in and worked on the house. I also started doing Christmas cards.  I have a really nice list and hope that I have time to write in each card so that people get something personalized.  I think it is important to try and write people.  Social media and texts are nice, but that is something that is easy.  There is something special about taking the time to write a card, put a stamp on the envelope and drop it in the mail.  My Grandma (GGF) did this for me all the time.  I cherish those letters and seeing her handwriting.  Speaking of handwriting, your dad is right-handed and I am left-handed.  I wonder what you will be.  I do prefer my lefti-ness.  It is nice for sports too, but as far as handwriting goes…mine is not the best.  I write with a hook, meaning almost upside down.  My hand smears marker and pencil.  It is my handwriting though.  I prefer typing as I can go much faster and everyone can read it.  When I was a teacher, I used to write comments on kids’ essays.  They would have to come ask me to decipher what it was that I had scribbled.  My poor handwriting just can’t move as fast as my thoughts.  But, despite that, I will do my best to handwrite in the 100+ Christmas cards that I am sending out.

And the thing about Christmas cards is it measures the slow (and sometimes fast) march of time.  I have some of the letter inserts that I always include.  I should keep those all in one place and see how far back I can go.  It would be great if they were all together so that I could look at what I was doing from year to year.  I really looked forward to doing my own Christmas cards when I first graduated from college.  I had all kinds of new friends from college, people from my college jobs, professors, former teachers, and my family and friends on my list.  I wrote my first letter insert that summed up my year.  It was such a sense of being grown up to do my own cards rather than be a paragraph of my parents’ Christmas cards.  Over the years names get added to the address list, but sadly names also drop off.  This year I had to delete two names because the people had passed away.  It is sad and when I scanned the list, there are other names that make me appreciate that I still have them on there.  There are also the names that come off the list because we simply fall out of touch.  I wish that I had retained friends from my youth better.  My failure is my own in that regard.  I allowed myself to isolate away from people at times, and some people I just never made a bounce-back to.  Some of my older friends are those great kinds of friends that just stand the test of time.  I have a few.  That is impressive when you consider that some of my band-geek pals have know me nearly 26 years!  Some people even longer.  I still get a card from a family where the wife and I grew up at church school together and she married a friend of mine, (the twin brother of a guy I was head over heels for when I was in jr, high, high school, and college).  We have kept in touch more more than 30 years.  I still write to some of my parents’ friends who have been supportive for my whole life.  Even though I hardly see these people at all, I enjoy catching up annually.  I can’t wait to send next year’s card with you as a part of it!

We are decorating our trees today.  I am going to get a shower and put on some fresh clothes.  I had asked your Aunt A and kiddos to come visit today.  I don’t think that they will, but it would be great if they did.  Your Cousin E’s birthday is coming up.  I hope to send her a birthday card since I won’t be visiting out her direction.  I can’t believe she will be 9 years old.  She is growing up so fast.  I miss seeing those three as much as I used to.  But that is the thing about life…people grow and grow apart fast.  It takes thought and effort to keep a relationship going.  I do regret letting some of my relationships fall flat.  Not every person that comes into your life will be someone that you remain close with, so you can’t take them for granted.

It is now night.  We were so busy.  All three of the trees look GREAT!  We have lights on the house outside and your Dad put up my Yoda head lights on the porch.  This home is super Christmased-out!  I love it and I can’t believe how fast Christmas will be here.  Your dad worked super hard and is now snuggling with Ivy on the couch.  We are pretty wiped out from trying to get the decor done on a day where we had time to do it.  I want to enjoy it all, but there is a part of me dreading putting it all away.  But, for now, it is pretty awesome to have so much of the downstairs looking great.  I hope that you are doing well in there.  I sometimes think that I can feel you moving, but then other times, there is no way to know if I am making that up or feeling gas.  The leftover brussel sprouts are killing me.  We are almost out of our leftovers.  I am craving a big, greasy burger and some salty french fries…how does that sound little one?  Pretty unhealthy…I am still eating some fruit and veggies too.  I hope that you are still growing and getting what you need from me.  Right now, I need rest.  Thanks for letting me do the decorations today…we are doing okay, right kiddo?

Just an update: I am still on modified bedrest for continuous old blood coming out in a rather copious and continuos amount.  I am worried about the upcoming 20 week level 2 ultrasound this Tues.  I guess I just want to know you are okay in there.


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