Halfway There: 20 week Level 2 Anatomy Scan

Tuesday we had two appointments.  Our 20 Week Scan and the 20 Week OB appointment.  I was nervous because I haven’t been feeling the flutters.  Maybe I think I do at times, but it could just be gas and I just don’t trust that I am feeling much of anything.  I got all showered and ready to go.  We got to the hospital early so that I could do my blood test for a thyroid check.  Good thing that I did, because I am overmedicated, which is weird for pregnancy.  Maybe that is why I can’t sleep soundly.  Maybe that is also why I have only put on 6 pounds or so at over 20 weeks.  I see pics of other ladies bumps at 20 weeks and I don’t look anything like that.  I have the “B” belly, and given how far in my waist and belly button is, I will probably have that for a while.

Ok, so back to the appointments.  My reliable vein decided to be awesome again, so phew, the blood draw was a snap.  Thank goodness because that has not been the case lately.  I have to go again next week, so I am not dreading that as much.  Then we waited for the MFM office to open after their lunch break.  We got in and were called back to a nice room.  The set up for that office is super cozy despite having no outside windows.  I got situated on the bed.  The husband made fun of me for saying they didn’t fold their sheets the way I like because it unfolds the skinny way, which is not useful when just covering your hips.  The tech came in.  It was the same lady I had from two weeks ago.  She asked how I was doing and I told her I was thrilled that I have no had any discharge since Sat.  We did the internal scan first to measure the cervix and right away I saw that bubble of blood that was there before.  It was in the same spot just above the cervix.  She did measurements on it and checked the doppler for blood flow too.  Even though she didn’t say anything, I knew that was what she was doing.  Then, switching to the abdominal camera, she started all of the measurements of Four’s body.    We clearly saw the feet, the legs, his butt, his tummy, the chest, the heart (which was awesome), the hands, the arms, the neck, head, eyes, ears, brain, the umbilical cord, and the placenta.  Everything was clicked to measurements, photos were printed, and we listened to his heart beating away at 136 bpm.  I was overcome and held back tears as I watched my husband starting at the monitor.  I was trying to imagine what was going through his head.  It was so amazing to see the 4 chambers of his heart and see this life that is happening inside of me without me being too aware of it.  After the scan, we waited for the Doc M., the same MF doctor who has been watching us.  I got nervous again because it seemed like it was taking forever.  I figured something was wrong and he was consulting with my OB.  However, finally after about 25 mins, he came in with a big smile.  He shook our hands and was super nice, which seems to be his genuine nature.  Right away he reassured us that everything looked normal with the scans.  The baby is measuring correctly for his age and nothing in his anatomy is raising red flags.  However, he shrugged when he addressed the blob above the cervix.  He said that it is good I haven’t had any discharge for three days, but the blood is still there and appears more dense, meaning it is probably a large clot.  The fact that it is a clot is good, since that means no active bleeding, but it is still dangerous because my body may try to squeeze it out and squeezing there equals contractions..and I am way too early for that area to be doing any contractions.  There is also the risk that if that clot dislodges I will have another hemorrhage, as something that big and dense comes away from the uterine wall.  So, even though he is not a proponent of bedrest, he would suggest not changing anything in my current protocol as the situation has not changed.  He said I may still slowly absorb some or most of it, so that would be great, but it stinks that it is there.  He is calling it an SCH even though it isn’t really behaving like one.  He said that other than that, he is very confident in the way the baby looks and will see me again in 4 weeks for the fetal echo to check the heart.  We were feeling okay as we left.  The husband said, “See?  I told you not to worry.”

I wasn’t done worrying yet though.  I was a little concerned what my weight would be.  I feel bigger so I was dreading the scale.  We took the elevator up to the OB’s office.  Right away we were called back.  I did my urine sample, which was good since I was feeling very full.  It was nice to see clear urine.  I have not provided a sample like that in a long while.  Then it was the scale.  I was expecting to be a lot more, but rather I was only up one pound from my previous visit over two weeks ago.  I wonder where that weight is going from, because I definitely feeling bigger through my mid section.  Then we did another blood pressure.  It was perfectly normal, as compared the blood pressure that was taken when we were getting ready for the scan just over an hour before.  Again, my nerves really do run the show.  While the nurse was doing my vitals I was able to look over her shoulder and read the computer screen.  I could see Dr. M’s note from our visit.  He mentioned the SCH and that there will be a follow up to monitor it.  Next, one of the OB’s, the one who had put me on bedrest, came in.  My husband liked her immediately.  She was all business.  She talked about the scan and the SCH too.  She said that since there has been no change she is not ready to release me back to work.  She wants two more weeks to see how things go and the re-evaluate.  Her point is to get me to 24 weeks.  She said that they can do a lot more for me if something with heavy bleeding was to happen at that point.  To get to that 24 weeks milestone I need to still take it easy and continue to do what I have been doing.  As long as I don’t have any additional bleeding or discharge she would consider releasing me at that point, but for something gradual.  She also stressed that if the weather is very bad, no going out in it as long as the SCH is there.  A slip on ice, or a bump from a car could be very dangerous.  The husband was happy that I am still stuck at home.  He and most of my family feel like that is the safest bet to get me across the next milestone.  I was less than thrilled since I figured that my lack of discharge was good, but that blood is still there…so not good and the proof is in the picture.

The OB listened to the heart and everything was good.  The doc said to schedule for four weeks unless something changed.  She said to call in 2 weeks if I stayed the same and they would clear me for modified, restricted work.  So we were good to go and I had to admit that I was feeling better for the husband having been with me.  We decided that we would just keep on doing the Christmas shopping through Amazon.  I feel bad for the trees we are using up in all of the many boxes we continue to get.  It is a lot.  But here we are at December 1st and almost all of our Christmas stuff is good to go.  That should leave me time to bake if I get cleared to do that.  Right now, that is off the table.  But, thanks entirely to my husband, we have the house decorated, gifts ordered, and lights up.

Speaking of lights, when we got home for the appointments, I was sitting in the recliner when he came in and drew the shade down over the sliding glass door.  He said, “no peaking” and then went back outside to work on a little project.  A while later he came in with a sweet smile and said, “here is your surprise!”  He opened the shade and he had decorated the trees and playhouse in the backyard.  This is because I spend so much time looking that way.  It was so loving and just another example of what a great guy I have.

I was happy about his effort to keep me cheerful even as I was working on an email to my boss about needing another two weeks.  I also let my co-workers and some of my tennis ladies know what is up.  It was so nice to hear back from some and to see that I was not totally forgotten about, which is how I allow myself to feel (but that is mostly from having so little contact with my sisters).  Then I started to knock out our Christmas cards, as in I was writing personal messages in them.  We are at over 100 cards, so it is taking me some time.  I have about 60 to go and I don’t want to rush that.  I did groups.  So now I am down to my tennis world group.  The stamps that I ordered online showed up and I was able to sticker everything and get them all ready for just the husband’s signature.  So I am feeling incredibly good about that.  It will be nice to get those out the door and on their way to our friends and family.

Wow, I just felt a really good amount of movement!  Yay!

Okay, so now I am going to get to writing another article.  I found out when we were on our way to the appointment that one of my tennis articles is getting published!  Yay on that too!  I am going to write another article now.  So, I am keeping busy.  I am also trying to just rest now while I can.


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