The 24 week appointments

Hey Four!

So today we are heading in for a bunch of appointments. I hope we get to see you. When we are done, we will be going out and then having Grandpa E and Grandma G over for pie – I hope. So far my energy seems to be getting better. I don’t want to push things as we seem to be doing okay right now. I guess the appointments will let us know more. Before I get into the medical stuff, I do want to sum up a little about the other family Christmas that was Monday evening.

Originally we had planned to have Grandpa M and Grandma J over for some simple hangout time. Then Aunt A, Uncle V, E, M, and B could be there too, so it became a “Christmas”. Since it was getting a little bigger we decided that we would do a carry out order of bar-b-que so that it would be easy and a change from the traditional holiday fare. There is a wood pit BBQ place that is just amazing, so that was the plan. However, Monday morning, I was told that the dinner would be grocery store take-out instead. I was assured that it was good, and I didn’t say that we have tried there and it was not good and not anything like what we had planned. The carry out order would have been all set and done with no cooking at all and very minimal clean up. Rather, we had these plastic containers of things that were under warming lamps. The husband was none to happy about this switch up as the carry out was guaranteed good stuff and required zero clean up. When I saw the receipt, we could have done the same thing for the same price. Rather we ended up with rubbery ribs, dry chicken, and mac-n-cheese that I couldn’t get warm since it was a thick, cold brick. I don’t mean to seem ungrateful, but we ended up with dishes to do because we had to transfer all of food from plastic to glass containers that would be okay in the oven and microwave. Then Grandma J had to “doctor up” already seasoned canned baked beans which got even more dishes and pans into the mix. The carry out place does everything in tins that can be put in a warm oven. Plus it would have been made fresh and wouldn’t have required reheating. So your dad was frustrated because I had told him everything was going to be easy and he ended up having a night of dishes to deal with. This did not get him started celebrating very well. Then we waited another hour for Aunt A to get here, which meant the food was even more rubbery. Once we did sit down to eat he barely ate anything and Grandpa M noticed. The kids were good. I had activities for them. One was for them to color this foam snowflakes. I didn’t use washable markers and they ended up with blue and purple stained hands. E and Aunt A helped me make some cranberry and popcorn garland for the critters out back. We finished eating and then did presents. We gave B a root viewer, which is a plastic box that allows him to watch carrots grow. I am not sure he liked that. M got Star Wars Legos and stickers and seemed thrilled. E got earrings and Fashion Plates and liked them. I was overwhelmed with the baby stuff Grandma J got for you. It is very, very cute! The gift exchange was nice, so hopefully everyone felt that was ok. We got all the leftover food packed and made to-go cookie plates for everyone. E fed Mittens some cat treats and then they were off. All in all, food aside, it was a nice gathering. I am grateful for the chance to spend time with the kids since I don’t see them as much. I wish they would FaceTime me more. I would also like to have them do Ren Faire with us. I know they would like it. The night was very different from hanging with our other visitors as the kids bring a different energy to the experience. We have been in this chill zone, but the kids are anything but chill. M brought a Nerf gun to shoot at our cats. That didn’t happen as I issued a big “no” on him even using it. Luckily I kept them all busy enough that they didn’t miss playing with projectile objects. E was super sweet.

As I get ready to be your mom I appreciate all of the newborn training I had with E. I spent a lot of time with her right when she came into the world. I lived closer and was there all the time. I hope Aunt D can do that for you, as long as she still does things for herself too. Anyway, it is a blessing that we were able to see all of our immediate family for Christmas as it meant they all had to come here. Next year we will have you!!! I can’t wait! You are kicking me really good right now. I love knowing that you are doing your baby thing in there.

Well that was yesterday morning….I never finished.

Today has been full, and even though it is just about 5:30 p.m. I think your dad and I may go to sleep early. I am feeling like I may be coming down with a bug. So many people are sick, so it wouldn’t surprise me. So let’s catch up. Yesterday we left at 11:00 for a bunch of appointments. When I went in for the blood appointment, the lady said I didn’t have one. I found it in my phone and was able to do the 1 hour blood glucose. My fasting level was 77. Then we went up to see the OB and everything seemed to be okay there. My discharge was checked to make sure it was not amniotic fluid. So I guess my bladder is not the strongest right now. We were told that we don’t need to come back for four more weeks. When we finished that appointment we walked to where the labor and delivery area is. I thought that the waiting area seems pretty small. We are going to do a tour there a week from Sunday. Then we went to do my other part of the blood glucose test. At 1:00 we went to have your heart scanned, but you were sitting in a strange position that made it really hard to see what the doctor needed to see clearly. I guess IVF babies have a high incidence of heart abnormalities. Luckily, yours looked ok. We also got a couple more ultrasound pics of you. You are still skinny and tiny, but so far so good – keep growing and kicking. We have one more appointment (as of now) with the Maternal Fetal specialists. If you keep on doing well and if my body can power through all of this, then we may be doing ok.

After all of the medical stuff, your dad and I went out for an early dinner. We had an amazing meal and just completely relaxed knowing that things were on track. When we finally got home your dad crashed hard, but only for a little while because your Grandpa E and Grandma G came over for apple pie. I was pre-registering us for the hospital. We all had a piece and then our day was done. I went to bed just feeling very good about things, even though I later heard a voicemail from the doctor’s office saying I had failed the 1 hour test. So today I called back and need to go do the 3 hour blood test. I am not sure when I can do that. I hope that it comes out ok. I also got us signed up for two classes that are happening in February. I feel like we are really coming into this more now. I wish that my blood sugar wasn’t an issue, but given my weight it isn’t much of a surprise. I also put together the additional paperwork that needs to be ready for the hospital. I am not sure about needing a referral or not, so we will have to see what else needs to be in place. I went to work for a while and got a bit done. We have two more tournaments coming up and one just finished today. It has been madness as it always is. I wish we could limit our events more. It is just nuts how much we try to do. I would be a mess without the help I have from the other pros who do so much to make sure things are running without me there. So after doing my work stuff I came home.

Your dad and I went to Barnes & Noble and used up gift cards buying cute books for you. I really like what we picked out. Then we went to a fancy movie theatre that has leather recliners. We saw Star Wars: Rouge One. It was great and I almost cried because it was also emotional. It was also sad seeing characters in the movie who are no longer with us. They were brought to life with computer graphics. I remember when the possibility of doing that was merely being discussed…now it is reality. We really enjoyed our mid-day date. It was so refreshing to just get away from everything. During some of the louder explosions you were kicking up a storm, it was awesome! We can say that you went to your 1st Star Wars movie at 24 weeks. When we got home your dad passed out and is currently snoring on the couch while Episode 4 is on the DVD. There is no such thing as too much Star Wars. I am going to probably go lay down and read some. We need to stay healthy and keep up our efforts as we are less than a month away from the big 50th Anniversary party and your dad’s birthday. I look forward to your dad’s birthday because we will be the same age for three months. Well, that is our update for now. It was cold and windy today. I really hope that the weather is not too terrible this winter. I want to know that you will be as safe as possible. You are kicking me again. I wonder if I am sitting uncomfortably for you. I am in the recliner. I really need to steal the couch from your dad and start laying on my left side more. I am so grateful that our appointments are showing that you are okay for now! I will try to work on my blood sugar. I just need be healthier I guess.


One thought on “The 24 week appointments

  1. The blood sugar issues are probably related to PCOS. I have had gestational diabetes for each pregnancy, and I find out pretty much as soon as I get a positive pregnancy test. My fasting blood sugar is always above their goal of 90, so I start insulin very early. I am extremely thankful that I passed my post pregnancy diabetes screening though. Yay!
    Even if you fail the 3 hour test, at least you don’t have too long to deal with the constant blood tests, diet or insulin use. 😉
    I know I complained about testing my blood sugar 4-5 times a day and taking shots of insulin 3 times a day but it was worth it to keep my boys healthy. I hope you pass the 3 hour screening, because you don’t need the added stress of diabetes. The bonus for me finding out so early in pregnancy was my weight gain. I gained 8 pounds the first time, 22 the second time, and 10 for my recent pregnancy. I am currently back up to my end of pregnancy weight from the last one, maybe even higher.😞 I had high hopes of losing 20 pounds after delivery and keeping it off, but caring for two babies 2 and under have made convenience foods/take out our go to meals. I’ve been drinking more coffee with sugar/creamers to combat my sleep deprivation too.

    Good Luck with your screening, and I’m sorry your dinner plans turned out poorly. 😒

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