Tending relationships

Hey Four!

Today we do the hospital tour.  I think by seeing that, this will all feel even more real.  Right now we have finished packing away all of the pretty Christmas decorations.  The next time we pop those up, you will be here to see and enjoy them too.  That is so exciting to consider.  We also are going to keep working on the nursery as your crib will be here soon.  Your dad just has a little more paint touch up to do, then we will put the decals on and the walls are good to go.  Next up, we need to get you a cute rug and then we can start putting the rest of the furniture in there along with getting all of your stuff ready.

Part of stuff for you entails a baby shower.  Your Grandma J and Grandpa M baby shower is planned.  It will be at the middle of February and hopefully that will give us enough time to enjoy it without me being too huge and uncomfortable.  We are doing it at White Eagle where we had our wedding reception.  It is cool to think that your dad and I celebrated becoming husband and wife there and now we will be celebrating becoming parents there too.  The banquet coordinator is so nice and she seemed genuinely excited to do our baby shower.  It will be a nice luncheon with punch.  No booze.  I can’t drink anyway and booze makes the bill crazy.  Since Grandpa M just wrapped up all of Aunt J’s wedding expenses, the shower shouldn’t be a huge cost.  That place is very reasonable for how nice it is.  So that is exciting.  I think Grandma G and Aunt D will do a smaller their side of the family thing too.  The big 50th anniversary party is fast approaching, so a lot of our focus is on getting ready for that.

Grandpa E and Grandma G’s 50th is really mind-blowing when you consider it, talk about tending a relationship for a super long time.  Your other GPs are a few years away from that at the moment.  Here they have this half a century of a life together.  They have 2 kids, me (a daughter-in-law), and soon their 1 and only grandchild.  It is a small family by most standards, but I was used to a small family myself and I like it.  Even though you aren’t here yet, you are a big part of their hopes and dreams, so the fact that you will be with us when we celebrate their special day is so cool.  We have been sorting through a ton of photos to make a slideshow of their life together.  How can one possibly narrow 50 years of experiences into a slideshow?  I know they want to represent that as best they can, so there are a lot of pics.  It is fun for me to thumb through all of the photos and see my new family before I was I a part of them.  They really are so wonderful.  It makes me appreciate the special bonds they all have with one another.  I hope that your dad can continue to keep those relationships super strong even with you and me taking up so much of his time and energy these days.  One Friday after work he went out for happy hour with two of his guy friends.  He doesn’t do that often because all of them are so busy.  However, it was great that they were able to get together.  I think having a mix of relationships in your world is good.  Both your dad and I struggle with that at times because it is easy to get wrapped up in always having so much to do.  So making time to catch up, visit, or just even write someone an old-fashioned snail mail letter is a way to check-in on relationships that might otherwise get pushed to the back burner.

Your dad came home all happy and was proud to show one of his buddy’s the house.  He was just in a good mood because tending to friendships is good medicine.  Yesterday he was all in a crazy work mode.  He hauled storage containers up, organized, packed, and hauled them back down.  It is exhausting to even think of it.  Then he did more work on your room.  I went out twice.  The first time, I took my car for an oil change and then drove with Grandpa M to check out the shower venue.  It was great getting my car some attention.  It needs a wash, but at least it is all checked up now for your arrival.  I won’t need another oil change until you are here.  Then later I met Aunt D to look for 50th anniversary decorations at craft store.  After that, we went to dinner together.  She and I haven’t hung out on our own for a while.  It was great to just sit with her.  I really try to let her talk because I believe I am a good listener.  I understand her as I feel like I’ve been in her shoes too.  She is so strong and so golden-hearted, I just enjoy our conversations very much.  She had attended a “vision board” workshop for most of the day.  She worked on visualizing things she wants to achieve in her life for this year.  It is cool and I would have gone too had it not been an all-day thing.  I like that she does those things.  It is a great way for her to reinforce where she is in her life and that where she is is good.  Anyway, our food was a bit gross.  We ordered chicken tenders.  They were super breaded and the chicken was tough and dry.  We barely touched them and when a manager asked how we were doing we said the truth…disappointed and done.  He comped us a cookie thing, but neither of us ate that much.  We had really wanted Olive Garden (yummy breadsticks) and when that was a zoo, we went for a far inferior option B place.  Oh well, the conversation was what mattered there.  See?  Tending relationships.  Good stuff.

So today I have to work a little, then we see where you will come into the world, and then we will get home and pass out.  Tomorrow I learn about watching my blood sugar and start to track that.  My A1C blood test was still in the high end of normal.  Normal is under 5.75, I was 5.  I really hope that I don’t develop gestational or Type 2 diabetes.  I will deal with it if I do, but I want to get back to healthy as soon as I can.  I look forward to being able to work out and take you on long walks through all of the pretty nature around here.  I also would really like to be able to get back into some of my more attractive outfits that are stashed in my closets waiting for a healthier bod to wear them.

Right now, your father, would like for me to mention how much I love him and how wonderful he is…..I was actually just getting that.  He is wearing his “Dad 2017 Loading” t-shirt.  It makes me happy.  One of the most important relationships that we both have is with one another.  We work on it all the time, whether we are trying to or not, it is part of being around someone all the time.  We really do support one another well and we also forgive and tolerate one another when we need to.  Your dad will be a great father and I am certain your relationship with him will be amazing.  We are so excited to meet you and start making a life as parents/kid together.  I know it will contain the ups and downs that all relationships have, but the net result is totally worth it.  I am so blessed to have the relationships I have and they make me stronger and wiser.  Take care baby!


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