Hospital Tour – things are getting real!

Hey Four!

We had freezing rain last night which meant I wasn’t going anywhere today. So I stayed home and did some coloring, pet the cats, and watched TV. It was a very relaxing day even though I worried about your dad being out in the mess. He was a little late to work because the roads were bad he had to drive slowly. The freezing rain was late at night. Prior to that we had a couple of thunderstorms with flashes of lightening. That is so unusual for this time of year. We lost power for a while, so the house we super quiet, except for the wind and rain.

All of this abnormal weather is probably going to become the new normal in your lifetime. The more out of balance the Earth’s climate gets, the harsher and more extreme swings in weather as nature attempts to adjust…and can’t. The environment is a big, big deal. I wonder if you will go into some type of science career related to the environmental crisis. Both your dad and I are super passionate about that. While humanity often considers itself the steward of the natural world, we are truly at her mercy. We can mess her up something awful, which we have done and are continuing to do, but in the end, we are completely reliant on nature to provide clean water, breathable air, and fertile soil for us to survive…and those are the very things that we are so rampantly destroying. Our government, the countries of the whole world, and everyday people need to do more than we are as this is the most important crisis future generations will inherit. It actually terrifies me to think about it.

So on a topic shift, I was educated on testing my blood sugar. It had been all over the place from what I can tell in just a couple of days of testing. I don’t think I have actual gestational diabetes, but I am a hot mess with regards to the numbers I am seeing. Two days ago I had a fasting of 83, an after breakfast of 143 (high), a before lunch of 68 (low), after lunch of 100 (ok), before dinner 67 (low), after dinner 83 (ok). Then yesterday I was fasting of 74, before breakfast 103 (which I didn’t record an after breakfast?? Then before lunch of 84 (ok), after lunch 209 (yikes, high), before dinner 66 (low and just 2 hours after that crazy high), after dinner 127 (high). Today I was 81 before breakfast (ok), 114 after breakfast (ok), 120 before lunch (right at borderline), 126 after lunch (high). We haven’t started dinner here yet. So a little all over but trending high. I didn’t eat badly today. I don’t know. One of the doc’s from the OB team told me that she didn’t think I need to track my blood sugars. Therefore, she didn’t write me a prescription for testing supplies. I had already purchased some, so I was continuing to use those. I think I will still monitor as I can and then share with the other OB at my appointment in 10 days. In the meantime, you are moving a lot more.

I still feel you down low and my belly is still a “B” – which is okay as long as you are fine. I worry about you though as I swear I am leaking. It isn’t a lot and I am sure it is urine since it feels like you are sitting on and kicking my bladder and cervix. I wear a pad and when I check the scent I can’t tell for certain if it is urine or not. The last time we had that checked it was not amniotic fluid, so I am hoping that is still the case. I also assume that the bigger you get the more pressure I will feel down low there. Right now I think I am having a little of that “lightening crotch” that I have read about. It is just a bolt of pinching pain that is right where the name says it is. Yowzer! Maybe I should move and see if you move to a less sensitive area.

Hang on…. Yes, a little better now. Phew.

We still have about 13 or 14 weeks left here kiddo and I can’t imagine us both getting bigger. There are times when I am just so tired. The other day I didn’t sleep well at night and then after getting going in the morning I sat down and just passed out. It is crazy. When I have the time to sleep at night I can’t. Oh well. I can only imagine that I might as well get used to a crazy sleep schedule.

Speaking of a crazy sleep schedule, it is the next day now. There is a new, larger ice storm south of us. I think we will be okay here, but Saint Louis is going to get slammed. I barely slept last night. I had a bad nightmare where I went to the bathroom and a bunch of strange stuff was coming out of me. I was so terrified, but I couldn’t muster a sound from my voice when I tried to call from help. I was just frozen in fear. I woke up from that, but the effects were still there, and with that rush of fear, falling back asleep was hopeless. I still worry about all sorts of things, but I want to keep moving forward with hope. Maybe I need to stop watching the news so much.

So now I will backtrack. I think the last entry was us getting ready for the hospital tour. We were there with four other couples. One lady is due at the end of the month and she looked ready to go. They were pretty young. Then there was another younger couple. There was a quiet couple from India (possibly, they didn’t talk much but when they did it sounded like an Indian accent). They were maybe a little younger than us. Finally there was a Russian-sounding lady who may have been older than me, but was stunningly pretty. She was having a scheduled C-Section and I couldn’t tell if the guy with her was her boyfriend or just friend. I got the impression she is a single mom.

We met in the south lobby. First we were shown the check-in point for mother-baby rooms on the 1st floor. That area is used for overflow when the hospital is really busy. Most of the rooms are on the 2nd floor, which we didn’t see. I would prefer that 1st floor area as it is super easy to access. We learned that young kids, unless siblings, are not allowed. There is a quiet time from 2-4 p.m. as well. Then we walked to the Labor & Delivery waiting area. We had passed there before. The waiting area is small, but those labor and delivery rooms are big. Everything happens right there. We checked out a room that had a great view of the plaza area where there were still lights in the trees. It was a nice view. The rooms have bathtubs, exercise balls, and a large couch area. The beds are crazy. They can convert into all kinds of positions. So as long as things go close to normal, you will be born in a room like that and your dad can be right there. We did not get to see the operating rooms, obviously, but there are three just for that ward. They have specialists on call at all times for any possible complications. They are also a Level 3 NICU unit, so they can handle a lot of big issues. That makes me feel very reassured. It is even better that we can be there so quickly.

Then we saw the mother-baby rooms. They are just as I remembered from my friend having her two kids there. They are half the size of the rooms where Aunt A had your cousins. Those rooms were massive by contrast to where we will be. But again, the location is what is important for us. The nurse who gave the tour had both her children there and she was very positive about the experience. She had some great tips too. So, while we were looking at those rooms, your dad’s phone went off. It was Grandma J. Once we left the tour we listened to the voice mail and she was frantic. She said she received a message that we were at the ER there. I was so confused because her cell phone is not an emergency contact and we were not at the ER. She swore it was a message. What I didn’t realize until way later was that she had seen my facebook check-in mentioning that we were touring the ward. She just saw the notification that I was at the hospital and inferred the rest. When we didn’t answer our phones, because we were on the tour, she got even more upset. Anyway, I assured her we were fine. Then I explained that she was seeing part of what I put on facebook. So, note to self, no more check-ins from the hospital.

After the tour, we got signed up for our classes. We will be busy throughout February and into March. For now, your dad finished painting your room and your crib arrived. We unpacked the crib, but it needs to be built – we just set everything aside for now. Last night we had Aunt D over for dinner. We celebrated that your dad won an award from one of the organizations he is in. It was nice and we ordered too much food, so it will be dinner tonight too.

Your GE and GG have been sick, especially GE. He is still sick so we haven’t seen him in a while now. It seems like the flu. I think Grandma J has that too. She has been very sick for a long time too. This time of year it is so easy to get run down.

Sadly, after looking through the packaging, the crib we ordered is damaged. We will have to send it back and we are obviously disappointed. Luckily, we have the little bassinet for you and that will suffice for quite a while as you will sleep in with me so that I can nurse you (fingers crossed that works out). So Monday I will see what the crib manufacturer will do to take care of our damaged purchase. Tonight we will just be taking it easy and having our leftovers.

I hope that I can sleep better tonight. Last night was rough. I think I was awake from 12:30-5 and then when I fell back I asleep it was only until 6:30. I think I dozed a little between 8 and 9, but man, I wish I could sleep a solid night. Right now I am just drained. You are kicking me really well right now. I feel it in my lower abdomen. That makes me think your feet and legs are still aimed down.  I think it is still too early (27 weeks on Sunday) for me to worry about your position yet.

I guess I will wrap this up. I don’t have a lot for an update. I am just trying to stay healthy and eat well. I am going to heat up some leftovers and see if that helps me relax. Your dad’s friend who owns a tree service company is here to look at taking down a very large dead tree in the front yard. Your room faces the front yard, so he is taking extra care that no trees or tree branches could do anything to hurt you. This is one massive tree though, so I am not sure what we will get for the friends and family discount. Without the favor it may be as much as $3,500 to do the job. I think it will be much less. We are spending money faster than we can make it. There are the expenses for kid stuff, medical stuff, house stuff, pet stuff, and car stuff. Yikes…being a grown up is hard. We will be going to meet with your dad’s financial advisor to get all of the money ducks (short and long term ones) in a row. I certainly hope that I can make more money soon, but I don’t see how. I am contributing but it is just treading water for now. I don’t like how that feels. Maybe that is a big part of my nightly insomnia. Money is such a huge worry. I hope that you don’t have sleepless nights worried about it. Maybe you will be more financially saavy than I ever was. I wish I could re-do some stupid choices I made in my past. Okay, you are kicking and I can tell we are both hungry. Time to eat.

Let’s just relax and hang out for a bit.  Sound good?


3 thoughts on “Hospital Tour – things are getting real!

  1. Definitely be cautious with the ice. I live in New Hampshire and the weather gets crazy. I left the house at 3 am yesterday, and it was above freezing but the temperature was fluctuating during my ride to work. I hit a patch of ice, lost control and ended up in a ditch pinned up against a tree. Thank God I only have a scrape on my neck from my seat belt, my neck and back are sore and stiff today but that’s it. My car is probably totalled, due to it’s age. 😞 I think it’s only body damage too. If I did suspension damage I know they’ll total it. I was hoping to get another 2 years out of it to be better prepared to take on a car payment.
    Now, on to pregnancy related stuff…. I totally understand that leaking feeling. I was checked a couple of times for it, but apparently it was just urine. My bladder has been weakened for sure. Sneezing can be risky.😉
    That crotch lightening is AWFUL! When I first heard about it I thought it was a funny name, but it absolutely fits. My babies like to be head down on my cervix the whole time, and it gets uncomfortable.
    Hopefully your blood sugars fall in line, so you don’t have to start insulin. My numbers weren’t consistent either. I could have the same meal two days in a row with the same insulin dose, but end up with very different results. Monitoring my blood sugars was the most stressful part of my pregnancies. I did cheat a lot between my scheduled testing times though.

    It’s good that you are happy with your hospital’s services, even if the rooms aren’t huge. We used a labor/delivery/ recovery room combination that was spacious enough for all of us. When my 2 year old was born my then 9 year old and husband shared a nice pull out couch. This most recent room didn’t have the nice pull out, but my 11 year old had a mattress on the floor and the 2 year old was in a pack n’ play. We were pretty comfortable.

    It’s great you are feeling Four so much!😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so sorry to hear about the car accident. It is good that you are okay, and hopefully that is still the case because sometimes the soreness takes a while to set in. I hope you get support from the insurance for the car too. Yesterday Four was all on my bladder and it was so uncomfortable – but when he moved, so much better. FTM strange sensations here. I am still watching the numbers and they continue to swing. It is good education for me, so maybe it will help me make better diet choices for all time. We are very excited to continue getting everything ready – even though our crib is damaged and needs to be sent back. I hope that you get some relief from the ice storms, there appears to be another one stirring. And 3 a.m. – – – you poor thing! That is painfully early to be out driving – let alone in bad weather. Take care!

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      1. Still just a little stiff and sore today. Our insurance is pretty good. I’ve got rental coverage, so we picked up a vehicle less than 12 hours after my accident. They put us in a 2017 with less than 6500 miles on it. My car was a 2007, with 187,000. The rental surely runs smoother, and has some fancy options. Almost makes me want them to consider my car a total loss.

        FTM or not the sensations during pregnancy are so strange. I was always on edge wondering what was going on. I think it’s hard not to worry about every twinge, or bit of fluid after experiencing losses though.

        I wish I could say the constant monitoring, and diet change during pregnancy helped me make better choices for life, but I went back to my old ways. 😞 We keep saying we want to make changes and be healthier, but the junk keeps finding its way in the house.
        If we need to buy a new car we’ll have to budget better and eat out less.

        You take care too.


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