Showered with so much love!

Hey Four!

These past days have been pretty amazing!  We had our Valentine’s Day together and made a huge mess in the kitchen.  We had fillet and scallops.  It was delicious.  I spent the next day cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.  I probably overdid it because I felt so wiped out for a few days after.  I had to get everything clean because my team ladies were coming over.  The house looked really great by 4:30 and I was as pretty looking as I could get.

The team showed up and we had a house full of 13 women.  Your dad thought that was nice.  We had the living room furniture pushed back and everyone had a place to sit so that we were all together.  The team brought pizzas and salads.  We each made plates (cute baby boy plates) and ate together.  Then as your dad was pouring wines for the guests, we opened up gifts.  The ladies bought you a really nice high chair, the cute bedding set, and two books.  We had cake.  They got a huge chocolate sheet cake.  It was really good.  Then we played a fun game where we handed out two bottles of wine that your dad made.  The winners were the ladies who had the biggest baby and the longest labor.  I passed out the owl luggage tag favors and made sure to let them all know how very grateful we were for their thoughtfulness.

The next day I ended up with a really bad headache.  I wasn’t sure if that was from the continued lack of sleep or if I really just worked way too hard getting the house ready for a party.  Anyway, I took a sleep aid that night and it did help at least for a while.  I am so tired all the time and still suffer insomnia.  Even with the sleep aid, I still woke up at 4:30 a.m. (which is better than 2 a.m.) and struggled to fall back asleep.

I am skipping ahead to Grandma J’s shower for us which was Saturday.  It was at White Eagle Golf Club.  Aunt A did the bulk of the planning and decorating.  She does an awesome job with decor.  There were so many sweet touches.  She had these wooden animal cut outs that were on little moss mats.  Then there were little wooden tree chips that were burned with “Baby Boy” and “4”, along with little bouquet decorations in these beautiful vases that had pinecones and acorns in them.  The food was amazing and we had plenty of it!  We had a tomato bisque soup, then there were two types of salads: a fruit salad and a Mediterranean green salad.  Then there were three types of croissant sandwiches: egg salad, chicken salad, and tuna salad.  There was a hot ham and grilled cheese and then a hot Italian sub.  There was also yummy warm rolls at the table.  Then we had a beautiful cake (which was super delicious) and ice cream.  We received so many perfect gifts, many from the registry, and some that were complete surprises too.  Your Aunts A and Aunt J did a big basket of baby goodies that were covered with this big, soft chunky blanket Aunt J did by hand.  Grandma J gave a little speech to thank her friends which got me pretty emotional, so that by the time I tried to say thank you to everyone, I was a blubbering mess.  I mean, really, crying.  Your dad took pics throughout the shower.  Aunt A ordered these super cute sugar cookies that had a little forest scene on them, and your Cousin E helped pass those and my Nutter Butter thank you favors out.  Everything was just really lovely and we had a very nice time.

When we got home your dad tore into gifts and started putting things together.  I wish we had done a better job of tracking gift receipts.  Now that we are post-showers, there is a hodge-podge of stuff and some duplicates, so we really do need to organize and plan out our returns.  Ah, hindsight.

Then Sunday, I went to a shower that my tennis friends did at one of their homes.  It was very, very nice.  I have known the host for almost 20 years now.  She and a couple other coach friends of mine, planned everything.  It was really tasteful.  There was quite the bar selection with a spiked punch that everyone raved about.  There were also mimosas, champagne, wine, and fancy sparkling fruit infused waters.  It was a brunch and there were two types of quiches, a casserole, cinnamon rolls, fruit salad, green salad, veggie pate, pull apart bread, chocolate covered strawberries, and huge cupcakes, plus much more.  The house was decorated so cute and the ladies were so warm and supportive.  I had brought over favors of cotton-scented hand soap, the owl luggage tags, and the Nutter Butter cookies with my thank you notes.  We received many great gifts, many that were not on the registry and a boatload of clothes.  I said something about each lady as I have known them for such a long time.  It was all so very nice and I was so touched by the outpouring of support.  The weather for the two days of the weekend was so incredibly warm and nice.  I wore dresses each day, which are super comfy.  It was just a perfect weekend of being surrounded by wonderful people who are so excited for me, your dad, and you!  I can’t wait for you to meet them.

The week was busy.  I had doctor’s appointments.  There were some additional shower gifts at work for me from people who could not attend the party.  I started writing thank you notes.  I have quite a few to do and look forward to doing them.  Monday was our last Childbirth class.  It included a tour of the maternity ward and as we were walking around we saw two nurses whisk a bassinet of preemie twins past us up to the NICU from an OR.  It was amazing to realize that we just saw babies that were maybe just 20 minutes old.  The ward was super busy with two different emergency operations going on, so the group didn’t get to see everything, but we had already done our tour so we were very well informed.  We wished our classmates good luck and so wrapped up our Monday night class.

Tuesday we did an appetizer luncheon at work.  That was about the extent of what I got done there that day as I fried up breaded shrimp and then cleaned up the kitchen from everyone’s various dishes.  I was stuffed from that.  Then Thursday I had two appointments.  The first was at the Perinatologists.  I saw the third doc in the group who was wonderful too.  I think I liked her the best because I did not feel rushed at all.  She took the time to reassure and explain a lot to me.  You were in a head down position for the ultrasound.  I saw your brain, stomach, kidneys, heart, heart valves, umbilical cord, arms, hands, legs, and feet.  You were measuring just right, with your head a little over a week ahead of the rest of you.  Yay!  Then I had some time before my next appointment, so I sat outside in the sunshine.  I also went to the cafeteria and got myself a very healthy salad.  I love the salad bar there.  While I was eating a Code Red alarm went off and people scrambled from the cafeteria to respond.  Then I went to see the Hematologist.  My blood pressure was still good and when I finally saw the doc, it was all good news.  For the first time in a long time, I am not anemic.  That is pretty awesome!  So things are looking good for attempting to do a normal birth for you.  I just really want to do what is the best for your health and first moments in the world.

Friday I was at work for a long time and felt so wiped out when I got home.  Your dad made us yummy burgers and we just crashed.  Saturday was our Breastfeeding class.  Once again, we were the oldest couple in there.  We had baby dolls that we practiced various positions with too.  We learned all about the benefits of breastfeeding and also the methods for introducing bottles and incorporating pumping.  I hope that I can breastfeed you.  I would like to be successful with that as I think it is what is the best for your growing body and brain.  Following class we went to Fiame as tradition dictates.  We had our usual appetizers and then your dad got this amazing salmon pasta dish.  I tried some and it was awesome!  I will certainly order that at some point.  You were kicking me while we were there.  We also found out that your Aunt D had come down with a very bad stomach flu bug and was down and out.

I worked on Saturday night, and I know that I worked way too much.  I was on my feet nearly 5 hours and up and down stairs throughout the event.  I got as much done as I could, but I didn’t drink enough water and I barely ate anything.  Near the end I was exhausted, you were kicking hard, and I was getting more of those stinging/stretchy pains that kind of take my breath away.  It was too much, so I just hit the road and didn’t say my goodbyes or help clean up from the party.  Your dad was a bit mad with how long I was gone.  I am having such a hard time getting events staffed, and this coming weekend is the same.  We need our other coaches to run things so that I am not the fall-back, as I can not be the fall-back once you come along.  I started to really think about how my return to work will go and it has me a little apprehensive.  There are a lot of demands on my time with regards to how I earn money, so I just feel like I will be a giant mess.  I worry about it a lot.

Sunday was our shower at Granny G’s.  The house looked amazing!  There was plenty of room for everyone and the decorations were adorable!  Her friends and family were very generous and we received a lot of useful gifts.  There was a nice bar setup, and then rolled up sammies, along with pulled pork sliders.  There was pasta salad, Hawaiian salad, tomatoes with cheese toothpicks, popcorn, and more.  There was a large chocolate sheet cake from Costco that was similar to the one the team ladies did – so yum!  We opened gifts, which was cute as your dad’s cousin’s grandson helped out which was sweet.  We had so much stuff that the car was completely full.  It was awesome to realize that we have been so well supported by our extended family and friends.  Even your dad said that it is shocking how many people are just genuinely excited for us to welcome you to our family.  There is a lot of love here and I hope you can feel that in some way.  We had a few family members stop by our house to see your room.  It is really coming together and everyone says it is very warm and cozy.  Your dad and Grandpa E built the swing that Aunt D got you.  It was a super nice day that showered us with love.  I watched the Academy Awards and fell asleep.  What an amazing stretch of memorable days!  I need to get ready for work and move into this week with the energy that I can muster to get as far as I can.  I hope you are good!


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