35 weeks…getting closer each day

Hey Four!

This is the 2nd day now of a 2 day snowstorm…in mid March.  Yesterday was supposed to be the bigger snow day, but for us, today has seen more snow.  What a strange winter.  We had a super warm and snow-free January and February.  Now the the trees are budding, bulbs are blooming, and the Springtime birds have come out singing…then bam…snow!  It is pretty and snow seems to bring the deer back to our yard.  However, snow also means very early mornings for your dad.  That, combined with Daylight Savings spring forward, has your dad super tired.  It is 4 a.m. and I am up because I heard him leaving.  He tries to leave quietly, but I am such a light sleeper the sound of the porch door squeaking seems to always get me.  So I woke up and have been watching the snow fall.  It is hypnotic.  I will probably fall back asleep after I write here a little.

Today we have a checkup with monitoring.  I wonder if you will be as calm as you were the last time.  I also will be getting tested for Group B Strep.  Then I need to go to work.  I am feeling stressed by work.  There is a lot of pressure for me to get as much set up as possible, and there is a big deal that is still hanging out there and I don’t believe I can push it through the way that my boss wants me to.  It is delicate and tests the patience of three organizations that I work with, so I need to tread lightly so that I maintain my good standing with all three.  It has kept me awake with worry.  I admit that I was thinking if you came early, that might just force me out of the negotiations.  I am not liking the pressure of being the liaison right now.

Speaking of coming early.  The April 2017 babies board that I follow on baby centre has had a lot of posts from women going early.  I wonder about you.  I sure do have way stronger Braxton Hicks.  The worst has been pubic bone pain.  It is zapping me right now.  You are moving around a little, which I think is because I am sitting in the recliner, which I have read I should not be doing as it doesn’t promote proper positioning for you.  I just feel better sitting like this to type, but I can tell you adjust when I do.  I had been hoping to sit on the exercise ball, but that hasn’t happened.  It needs inflating.  That is supposed to be the best for you.  I want us to get to April, but then I want to go sooner as older moms have issues in the last couple of weeks of the 3rd trimester.  There are a lot of docs who will induce in the 39th-40th week, which has been recommended for me.  I hope that rather than having to use medicine to get this going, maybe it will just happen on its own.  So, maybe we can aim for the 1st week of April?  I can hope.

Your Aunt D is in Florida for a little vacation.  She is supposed to fly home today, although I wonder if her flight will be impacted by the snow?  I just want her to be safe.  She will have a harsh welcome when she gets back.  Your Grandpa E has been watching her dog who is still hanging on even with having liver cancer for a while now.  She loves that dog so much, so she hardly leaves to go anywhere as she wants to spend as much time with him as she can.  Pets have been such an issue for us.  Your dad’s cat has had a spell where she was sick.  We think she is 19, and that is getting up there for a cat.  Despite that scare she continues to do well.  I just gave her the morning food, water, and medicine.  She is so sweet.  I hope she can continue on with the medicine helping her.  She is still playful and loves to cuddle your dad. Your Granny and Grandpa’s cat is also getting older.  They have said that they don’t think they will get any more pets after this one who is also dealing with the same hyperthyroid problem that Ivy has.  I am watching Ivy drink.  She likes to scrape her paws when she does.  She will also paw-drink.  She taught that to my cats.  They never did that until they saw her do it.

So I fell asleep.  Then I got to the doctor and we did the NST.  Your heart rate was pretty steady and I had just a few Braxton Hicks contractions which showed up as little plateaus on the monitor.  All in all, you were perfect.  You are head down and man when you kick do I feel it!  My blood pressure continues to be good and I have all of the remaining appointments set right up to your due date – so you will be in my arms soon!

I feel like you dropped.  My tummy was way higher before and now it isn’t bulging so much.  I am also down three pounds from my appointment last week.  Maybe I was really bloated last week.  This week I have been weird about food.  I just don’t want what I have been craving from before.  Your dad and I went to his doctor last Friday so that he could get his TDAP shot.  The doctor talked to your dad about diet and exercise, which is relevant to me as well.  We both need to get our health in gear.  We will try to get that going with your arrival.  I know that your dad has goals in mind.  I do too.

I am glad that the appointment went well.  I really hope that you are a very healthy baby.  I will love you so much no matter what.  I just really want you to be healthy so that you can have the best start in life.  But, should anything happen where we need to address health issues – we will.  And, as always, I am praying hard for you.

I am wrapping this up a little after having started it.  I have been so, so tired lately.  I can sleep anytime and if I sit too still, I do sleep…but then, from 2:30-4:30 this morning I was wide awake…as you are now.  I am getting kicks and wiggles from you.  I can tell you are running out of room in there.   I hope it is okay and that your growth is normal.  My sleep is all over the place, but I think it will probably be that way for a while.  It is just wearing me down right now because I think I am fighting a bug.  I have felt a little sick these past couple of days.  I would imagine that your dad will get something too.  I hear him coughing.  I just want us to be as healthy as possible as we wait for you.

Speaking of waiting for you, I wonder if you will come early on your own?  The zaps of pain I get down there make me wonder, but then I haven’t dilated at all yet.  I guess that is just the pressure of your head pushing on me there.  I hope you come just when you are supposed to and that my labor is as normal as possible.  I also really, really hope that I can breastfeed you.  I admit that a lot of this all seems unreal at times.  If I don’t feel you moving and I’m not having Braxton Hicks, there are moments when I just feel very, very overweight but otherwise normal.  It is hard for me to believe that this is all changing in less than a month now.  I am very excited to see your face and hold your little hand.  I just can’t believe, after all of the scary moments, that we are this close.  I think out of coping from lost and fear, I am still a little detached from the reality of it all.  But, right now, you are squirming and I love knowing you are there.   So keep it up!


2 thoughts on “35 weeks…getting closer each day

  1. It is amazing how far you have come. 😊
    Even after he arrives, I imagine it won’t seem real. My situation doesn’t feel real all the time. Having losses and other scares really can mess with your mind. I have my 3 boys, but after multiple losses and complicated pregnancies I still feel like I might lose them at any moment. It’s a bit bizarre, but it’s my reality.
    I’m very happy that all is going so we’ll for you, and that you’re getting so close. Those zaps, always made me think I was going into labor. They’re awful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the continued reading. Yes, it is all unreal…and I still pray that we have a healthy baby near the due date. I worry that having an only child, my worry will be all-consuming. Thank you so much again for the well wishes and understanding. I can’t wait to be past the zapping pains…just wow, ouch!

      Liked by 1 person

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