37 weeks…induction is scheduled

Hey Four!

It is almost the end of March and holy schnikes we are getting close now. It is a cold, stormy day. I have been taking it easy and working from home for almost a week now. I continue to have that bad pubic bone pain. I guess it is called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. I was offered physical therapy to help, but I just opted to use my exercise ball to try and treat it. It does come and go, like right now I feel almost not pregnant. Last night I was super uncomfortable. I had a lot of Braxton Hicks that didn’t let up, and you were doing karate lessons in there.  At times I had some of those SPD knife-like pains. I drank water, changed positions, and tried to think relaxing thoughts, but man was I in pain last night. Then, I woke up this morning and felt just fine. My belly was squishy – not hard – and you have been super quiet. I think I am getting some little kicks here and there, but the movement is very subtle as compared to last night.

I also lost maybe part or a lot of the mucus plug last night. Maybe that was why I felt the pain too. I have no idea how much mucus is really there. It was enough to notice. So I am just very hopeful that you are getting ready to make that tough journey from your cozy, warm womb to the world out here. Eviction day is coming little man. When I was at the doctor on Tuesday we set up the 39 week induction. We will be going in on Monday, April 10th at 6 p.m. to start the cervical ripening. The next morning we will begin the induction. That gives you just 12 days left in there. That is, unless you have other plans.

I go back tomorrow for another NST and then we have two more appointments next week. That is it! Wow! I do hope that both my body and you are really ready for that date so that things go as well as possible for both of us. I am so excited to meet you and for you to meet your family. I still have some things to do. We absolutely need to finish our taxes. Then I really want to clean more. The cat hair is all over the house. I also want to really get my car cleaned too. It is dusty inside and icky outside. We need to set up a will and change beneficiaries around to make provisions for you too. And then we need to figure out who could be your Godparents. Otherwise, I think we are pretty set for you. I hope that I can maintain an overall sense of calm and welcoming so that you have the most peaceful first few days of being in the world.

It is almost lunchtime, and I am going to make something hoping that a hot meal may wake you up a little. I guess we have both been sleepy today. The thunderstorms contribute to that too. I will be back here in a bit.

Well I am back. I have slept a lot today. I took a nap with the cats upstairs, then slept more downstairs. I am just so tired. You have moved a little and things are as they usually seem to be for the afternoon. So for the most recent NST last Tues, you were just perfect. The doctor did a cervical exam and said you are still high, which I can’t believe since I thought that the pubic pain was from you dropping onto it. I guess that can happen before you get all set. I was just a fingertip dilated, so I wasn’t looking close on Tues, but all that can change either slowly or quickly. Who knows? I just pray that you are okay. I hope you are healthy and strong. I hope that we bond and that you get nutrition from me. It is all coming soon. So let’s just enjoy the lazy day today!


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