Your 1st birthday…this took me forever to write.

Hey Lucas!

You turned one yesterday.  I was holding you at 2:26 a.m., which is when you were born, and even though I slept through that time I was so happy to have you in my arms as we crossed the one year milestone.  You woke up all smiley and ready to play.  We had a really nice morning with Daddy and when your Grandpa showed up you were snuggly and ready to sleep again.  We had a nice day as the weather was warm.  We sat on the porch for dinner and you walked and walked!  Your new skill is dazzling!  I love watching your determination to master walking – too soon you’ll be running!


It is much, much later now, April 22nd to be exact.  The month is blazing by.  I’m currently sitting in my car in the parking lot at work because I came here to set up a tournament and can’t get in with the new security system.  I’m hoping that someone gets here soon.  I wanted to take a moment to try and catch up on your really great 1st birthday experience.  This will be a goal of mine, as I don’t want to miss any special memory of it.


And it is yet a few more days later.  I am hoping that you take an afternoon nap right now as you have been napping too late and we need to reel in your sleep schedule.  Rather than napping, you are standing up in your crib and whimpering.  The cats are reacting to the sound.  I hope that you settle down.  You had fallen asleep for about a 1/2 hour in the car.  I wish you could have stayed asleep as you seem to be feeling a little off again.  You are teething, like 4 teeth (2 bottom front and 2 molars) all at once.  Poor guy, that has to hurt.  I can’t imagine 4 teeth coming in.


Oh my goodness baby boy!  It is May 8th, and I can’t believe how fast time is flying.  I can’t get caught up on your birthday no matter how much I try.  I brought my computer with me as I have a moment before a couple of appointments that I have today, so I thought I’d try again.  I hope that I can capture your 1st birthday before it fades into memory.

In getting ready for your party, let me say, your Dad is one of the most excited dads I’ve seen.  He ordered all kinds of decorations for that house and it all came together great.  On your actual birthday, which was a Thursday, you were born on a Wednesday by the way, your daddy and I were both at work.  Grandpa watched you as he always does on Thursdays.  Your Aunt D came over at lunch to surprise you with a little Bundt cake and a “1” candle.  We have a pic of this somewhere.  Then, that night, we just celebrated with your Grandma and Grandpa being over (which is where this letter to you started).  Like I said, it was nice to be on the porch.  I had cleaned it as much as I could so that it would be okay for you to walk and crawl around…but who’s crawling anymore, right?

Friday I was at work and you were with your grandparents.  When the night came, both they and Aunt D came over for dinner (pizza) and to help decorate.  I was baking up a storm of cupcakes.  The decorations were wonderful.  It was all woodland critters.  There will big balloons, streamers, little hangings, and even a banner with a photo of you.  I took a lot of photos so that you’ll get to see it all since you are still not making episodic memories yet, at least that is the case for most kiddos your age.

When Saturday morning came, it was cold and rainy.  We had predicted that would happen, so there were tables and chairs set up all throughout the house.  Your dad stayed up really late to get that all done just perfectly.  The house was warm and inviting, so when people started showing up, it was all so nice to be able to host them with comfortable seating and delicious food.  Your dad smoked 8 chickens….yep, 8!  It was super yummy.  Our neighbors to the south and north both came and saw your room.  They are great and really supportive of you.  I hope we keep them as long as possible.  Our backyard neighbors didn’t make it, nor did my mom.  There were a few people who were unable to fit us into their busy schedules, but the ones that did were in for a treat as we stuffed them so full!  Your dad’s friend J was there.  He got you a cool card.  Your dad’s other friend, Mr. S showed up late because he was working; ho got you a little red wagon and a green tractor toy.  Your grandparents got you bongo drums, in addition to the really cool blue 4 wheel drive car that is in the garage.  Aunt D got you maracas.  I think they are trying to make you into a percussionist.  My dad, your Papa M made it.  He puts money into a college account for you.  Mimi ordered you a fancy car seat, which we need as you are so big now.  The neighbor to the south gave you a hefty Carter’s gift card, which is great for summer PJs which we need to get you.  The neighbor to the north got you some clothes and a set of early reader Star Wars books.  Your Aunt J made it.  She could only stay a little while, but she got you a frog that makes a ribbit noise.  Your Daddy and I already had two from our honeymoon, so her gift to you made our set total 3, which is cool because it is a Daddy, Mommy, and Baby frog.  Your Aunt A and her family made it too.  Cousin E got you a stuffed animal deer.  Cousin M got you some Star Wards character toys.  Cousin B got you a Go Go Smart Wheels set.  He wanted to play with that so badly, and we didn’t set up any toys, so he was rather bummed out.  Your Dad’s cousin got you another Go Go Smart Wheels set, so that is neat that they combine.  Her daughter, and her two kids, got you a water table.  You like the pinwheel part on there.  You really enjoy spinning things right now.  My family’s friend, E, who has known me my whole life got you an Amazon gift card and wrote you a letter for the time capsule.  He left it unsealed so that I could read it too.  It has some solid advice in there.  Your Godfather was there.  He gave you cash, which we deposited into your gift account.  Your dad is very up on his managing your money.  He is even putting money in for the gift cards that we receive for you.  Speaking of that, your summer babysitter, Miss K got you a cool flashlight toy and a Target gift card.  Your Wednesday babysitter Ms B got you clothes.  On a side note, you finished Bible study this past Wednesday.  I’ll miss having you do those interactions with the adult leaders and sweet kids.

So all in all, your party was really great.  We did your gifts, during which you were super sleepy.  Then we did your cake.  Your cousins wanted you to smash it, but you just picked at it.  It was so cute.  You smeared some of the frosting, so Daddy and I took you in our bathroom for a sink bath.  Once we got you clean I gave you to Papa M who rocked you in your room.  You slept hard while the party kept going.  It was sweet to look on the video monitor and see him holding you.  He hasn’t been able to spend as much time with you as he’d like to.  Man were you tired though.  Our party wrapped up and your Daddy and I basked in the glow of all these amazing people who adore you so much.  It was rather emotional at a point because I realized how blessed we are.

The following week we knocked out our taxes and I had to get a little tournament organized for the weekend.  It turned into a mess, but I was able to get away early enough to take you and Daddy to a co-worker’s baby shower.  It was a little crazy there, so we didn’t stay long.

We have continued to do your Tot Rock class on Mondays.  The group leader is pretty loud, and I can tell you don’t like that.  I think you like the kids in the group, but sometimes the noise factor gets to you.  There are these loud plastic tambourines and castanets.  The music can be loud too.  It is a good experience because it will help you with socialization.  I also have been taking you to the library for story times and little events.  Those are pretty nice and you seem to enjoy them.  This past week we finally went to our first Monkeys in Motion group.  That was cute, but I thought that it would be more organized.  It turns out it was just gym gear in a larger office building room.  It is fine, but I’m not sure that I’m going to do that once we use up the punch pass.

My back has continued to really hurt.  I tried taking some steroids, but I didn’t get any improvement.  I’m waking up with pain, which stinks because you are sleeping longer stretches, which means I should be able to sleep more.  I really hope that I can get this better soon.  I hate that it continues to be something that is an issue.  Lord knows, I have enough issues, right?  That is a joke for your daddy there.

Anyway, it is summer now.  We’ve had lots of warm temps and even a few really powerful thunderstorms.  You don’t like the heat and the blooming.  Besides the struggle to get the four teeth in, your eczema and allergies are flaring up badly.  I talked to the nurse today and she said that they have seen so many patients because of the season.   You have this really congested sounding cough, but so far no fever.  As long as we can keep you hydrated and help manage the congestion, then we should be ok.  I wish that you haven’t had to deal with the on and off being sick throughout your 1st year.  Even though you are dealing with this, you have been playing so well.  Today I got down on the floor with you and let you attack me.  You giggled so much.  We had fun. I wish I didn’t have to go back to work.  I know that I need to make money, but man if don’t want to a part of all your firsts.  Speaking of firsts, your first official word is Da Da.  You call out for Da Da and clearly mean just Daddy.  It is great!  You’ve said Mum Mum for a long time, but that has meant so many things.  You have used Da Da specifically.  So that is awesome for your Daddy, because he has waited a long time to hear that.

Well kiddo I need to wrap this up…finally.  I love you so much little man.  I love all of your sweet personality that is blossoming more and more.


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