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August 2017 UPDATE to the UPDATE…I turned 43 just a few days after delivering my amazing little miracle son on April 12th.  I was in labor at 39 weeks for 32.5 hours.  After being induced starting at 6 p.m. on Monday, April 10th, I finally was able to deliver with a little over one hour of pushing in the early morning of Wednesday, April 12th.  We were overjoyed with our new arrival and our lives are so completely blessed.  I will continue to write letters to my son as a way to document his journey.  I hope my experiences serve to paint a picture of becoming a first time mom in her 40s.

March 2017 UPDATE…I am a 42 year old (soon turning 43 mid-April) full-time tennis coach who has been on a modified bed rest since mid-September 2016 due to a subchorionic hemorrhage that had me at the ER three times for massive (terrifying) bleeding.  In order to follow up on the original “about the author”, I have had two miscarriages which are chronicled here at the beginning of 2016.  Then, given the odds for someone my age with my health conditions, my fertility doctor jumped us right to IVF.  We began the protocol in May of 2016 following an all-clear from the April miscarriage.  Working with both a fertility doctor and a hematologist (who worked on getting my anemia treated) we achieved a positive pregnancy test result in August of 2016.  Now I am 36 weeks pregnant with our son, who has been a strong fighter as we have had so many scares along the way.  With the help of my amazing husband, super supportive family, and incredibly understanding work environments we are here at 36 weeks still praying to get across the finish line with a healthy baby boy.  I am great about replying to comments and hope that these updates and subsequent letters I would write the baby are helpful to anyone who can find something in these words to provide insight and/or pull them through their own unique journey to motherhood.

Original about-the-author:

I am a 41 year old full-time tennis coach.  I’ve never been pregnant and have believed that it will take a miracle to bring my own child into the world.  I’ve been hypothyroid since 2007, and recently specifically diagnosed with Hashimoto’s.  I then switched to a Gluten Free diet as a means to help my thyroid, only I don’t believe that just giving up gluten alone is enough in the diet realm to really impact my health.  I’ve also recently been diagnosed with PCOS – and that would explain a lot of my health issues.  As a result I’m on Metformin now, and it seems to be helping.  Back in 2003 I had an irregular PAP and then had the LEEP procedure done to my cervix.  That, and my later Mirena IUD, showed that I have a tilted uterus (and maybe a weak cervix).  In 2010 I underwent a RNY-Gastric Bypass in order to get ahold of my wild weight.  Since then, I’ve been fighting malabsorption issues and anemia.  In doing the testing for fertility treatments, an HSG showed a blocked left tube, which was cleared using the contrast.  There was also a small fibroid or polyp detected.  Before we could continue our fertility treatments, I missed my period and got a positive pregnancy test.  I’m worried as the odds are most certainly stacked against me.  I’m hopeful that I have at least a glimmer of hope that there can be a light at the end of this tunnel.  This is the journal of what it will take for me to become a mom.  It is a dream that I’m holding on to with all of my heart.

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