A letter for your dad on your 5 week old birthday

A letter for your dad (and today you turned 5 weeks old). Dear Husband, Thank you for making Mother’s Day such a nice day surrounded by family.  Your gift of a nice toaster was perfect.  You worked super hard at making food for fourteen people and it was delicious.  The house was clean and tidy […]

The day my life changed forever!

Welcome to the world Lucas! It is now Wednesday morning (like 1 am), and I have not been able to write at all until now.  The past 4 weeks have been a massive whirlwind and I can barely shower, sleep, and go to the bathroom.  Writing is a luxury.  I will do my best to […]

38 weeks now…the last full week

Hey Four! Today we are beginning the last stretch before you get here.  Maybe you will decide to beat the deadline of Monday 4/10 6 p.m.  I think we are still seeing the early start of such pre-labor action.  I have been experiencing those menstrual like cramps, mostly at night, along with a little back […]

37 weeks…induction is scheduled

Hey Four! It is almost the end of March and holy schnikes we are getting close now. It is a cold, stormy day. I have been taking it easy and working from home for almost a week now. I continue to have that bad pubic bone pain. I guess it is called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. […]