An overwhelming swirl of emotions

Hey Four! This is just so weird.  Now that we are down to the final stretch I can’t believe how strange I feel.  I am all over the map emotionally…and I think it must be normal.  One of my friends at work told me how when she got to a certain age she did not […]

36 Weeks….let’s talk about money

Hey Four! Today I am going to discuss the important topic of money.  You are coming right as your dad and I are getting our taxes all organized.  Each year during tax time we get a good look at where we are with money.  Since your dad and I are still trying to figure out […]

35 weeks…getting closer each day

Hey Four! This is the 2nd day now of a 2 day snowstorm…in mid March.  Yesterday was supposed to be the bigger snow day, but for us, today has seen more snow.  What a strange winter.  We had a super warm and snow-free January and February.  Now the the trees are budding, bulbs are blooming, […]

Tah-Dah! Your special names

Hey Four (we won’t be calling you Four for too much longer)! Yesterday your dad and I agreed on your names.  It is pretty cool that we arrived at this after so many options.  Back in the fall we made a big pile of index cards.  Each one had a name written in big marker […]

Showered with so much love!

Hey Four! These past days have been pretty amazing!  We had our Valentine’s Day together and made a huge mess in the kitchen.  We had fillet and scallops.  It was delicious.  I spent the next day cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.  I probably overdid it because I felt so wiped out for a few days after.  I […]

Our first Childbirth class

Hey Four! Monday we attended our first Prepared Childbirth Class.  We were one of six couples, and your dad was quick to point out we were the oldest couple there.  We learned about the different stages of labor and watched a video that showed a natural birth.  The mom in the video did it with […]